A Tribute to Mothers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I have never been really a great daughter. It was really hard for me to show appreciation for the things my parents has made for me, especially my mother. As a kid, a young adult, I saw what they did as a responsibility, an obligation that came with being married and being parents. 

Things changed when I started to grow up and see the world for what it is. Being a mother is not an obligation, it is a choice that one chooses to pursue to be able to experience the happiness that comes with having children and having little angels adore you for simply being their mom. I have started to see a clearer picture of what a mother is and will always be. I have seen the important role that they will continue to play in their lives; maybe even beyond their life spans – simply because the influence and the way they will touch their children’s life will remain forever. 

Mothers were createdby heaven to bring little gifts called angels in this world. It was not an easy task because they had to endure nine long months of mixed emotions, back aches, nausea and other unexplainable feelings; this and more just to bring a bundle of joy into this world. As her tummy grows and gives space to this addition in her life, she also starts to mature as a person. She starts to realize all the things her mother had to give up for her. She is now being given the chance to experience; first hand, what her mother had to go through to bring her to this world.

As the months passed, she becomes more and more grateful for all the things her mother had to endure for her, the things she is enduring now for her unborn child. After nine months, a new angel is welcomed into this world. The girl that she was back then has long been gone. She is now a woman, a mother by her own right; for she has managed to feel what it is really like to be one. Again, holding her child with her hand makes her appreciate her own mom even more. More or less, she has now an idea of how happy her mother would have been the first time she saw her face. When a girl becomes a lady, a lady a woman and a woman, a mother, her life is changed forever. There is no turning back. She becomes the best person her children deserve to have. This coming mother’s day, show gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful person. Give her a hug, a beautiful bouquet of flowers  like these beautiful Mothers Day tulips, a kiss and a simple letter telling her how much you love and care for her. Let the best woman in your life feel how important she really is.


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