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Thursday, May 29, 2014

They say that behind every successful man is a woman but nevertheless, the success of our men is our success too. Does they need all the encouragement and affection we can give for them to be successful in their endeavors. Father's are like this, they willingly gives themselves and even sacrifice time away from their family and love one just to be able to provide the best things in life.

I'm a daddy's girl, even though we have our differences and ups and down, i can still consider that he is the best buddy i have ever had, I can always let him know my thoughts and can keep even my secrets and it's too sad that I can no longer spent long hours of chatting with him so for all of you who still had their father's , make the most of it, spend time, laugh with them, enjoy your every moment. 

Now that father's day is just few sleeps away, it is just right for them to give the best gift for the dearest man in our life. So, how can you possibly give the best gift to someone who provides you with nothing less but the best things in life? Reciprocating his sacrifices with material gifts may not be enough but still it's always a sweet thing to remember someone we so dear. 

So, how can you possibly give the best gift to your father? Pleasing them with simple or expensive gifts is not so hard to do simply because we are their wife or their children. Think of the things they enjoy doing and the things that make them happy. 

Does your father enjoy fixing things?  A complete set of house tools can be a perfect one. Our father will indeed adore every little pieces of effort, a trendy toolbox sounds great.  

Does he plays sports?  What sports he is into? Perhaps a set of golf clubs, a golf bag, a set of basketball or soccer shoes. 

If he is someone dedicated on going to the gym and looking great, a perfect home gym equipment would be a great gift since you can allow yourself to spend more time with them to work out together.  

I always like the idea of personalized gifts, perhaps something that you have done in your leisure time, if you knew how to bake, then it's a great time to practice them and give your father a nice cake,if your into knitting and then knit him a nice pair of knitted mittens, shirts or scarf.  Prepare a sumptuous dinner on that special day or you can even watch a good movie and laugh all your hearts out. 
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There are many gifts that we can think on giving them but of course, saying we love them and giving them a big kiss and embrace and appreciating them with all the things they have done for us is still the most memorable gift they can receive from us along with all the love and respect that we can give them, that is more precious and more than enough than any materials things in this world. 


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  1. was looking at thule store at SM north, saw a good bag design that I will be buying as gift for this fathers day


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