Celebrating Christmas in June

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  Wait is it Christmas already?  

Walking in Winter Wonderland is still half a year away but, hey Christmas is still Christmas and everyone is entitled to celebrate it even as early as June. Look at that Christmas Lights, Etc,  after all, we could even treat every day of the year like its Christmas. 

What if Christmas was really celebrated during the month of June and not during December?

1.  We'll be missing the snow and having snow ball fights but people would feel more warmer and they would feel more like it to come out and enjoy the sun and the celebration. 

2. Christmas Flowers would be blooming and they would even qualify as unique replacements or substitutes for snowflakes decoration tucked in Christmas Trees. 

3.  Christmas bonuses would be released earlier,  presents are soon to follow and given earlier too. (isn't it nice?)

4.  People wouldn't have to be all covered up during Christmas.  They can wear their best favorite clothes without worrying about the cold. 

5.  Dieting wouldn't be that difficult because New Year is still half a year away if Christmas is celebrated in June.  No need to stay away from christmas dinner table anymore. 

6.  Santa wouldn't have much trouble getting inside the house through chimneys since no hot coals or slippery roofs to worry. 

7.  Christmas Sales and year end sales wouldn't have to be so close with each other.  

Practically, we do not have to worry about anything at all if christmas is celebrated in June instead of December.  But of course, we would miss the spirit and real essence of Christmas nights but celebrations like this one are still worth celebrating even at a different month or in a different way.  This may sound as a cliche but life would be better and the world would become a better place to stay as if Christmas was celebrated all year round.  People are more happy, forgiving and connected with their emotions and their good side during Christmas but of course, it doesn't work that way and it would be expensive but doing this anytime of the year will truly make a lot of difference. 


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