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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Although picture frames have traditionally been used to hold photographs and art, many interior designs now make use of the picture frame itself as the art. To the average person, it may appear as empty squares on a wall. However, for those who appreciate this form of subtlety, the intricate details of the carving in the frame are a high form of art. 

Picture frames NYC style could make use of a cream colored paint job with framed charcoal images of the New York skyline. It would be important to place the frames at strategic places on the wall to capture a full skyline or to make sure that none of the buildings are chopped off. This is a simple way to approach artistic framing.

Four frames could also be placed side by side to form a window pane. You can place anything in the frame that you want: a blue sky, a view from the balcony, mountains or anything that could serve as an escape. It disrupts the monotony of matching patterns and gives you a tranquil retreat. 

You can transform your space into a museum gallery with gallery rods on your frames. Gallery rods serve a couple of important functions. They are perfect for those who like to keep changing the art in their homes and would rather stay away from something more permanent. The horizontal gallery rod hanging system places framed pictures on a track and lets them easily slide on and off this track for replacements. The rods that hang from this track also make it easy to align art without too much measuring. 

To highlight formal framed portraits or your newest art investment, you may consider an easel or picture lights. Both of these accessories allow your art to be displayed prominently and ensure it will be the topic of conversation. In some very subtle ways, this also adds an extra measure of security for your most prized works. If they are this conspicuous, you will also be paying extra attention to them and know when something is missing or has experienced tampering. 

A final way to think about frames on a wall is through the use of mirrors. They can be strategically placed to reflect light and make the space appear bigger than it actually is. Mirrors also lighten up a room that seems to have a lot of dark spaces. They are a good brightening agent in your decor.

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