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Monday, June 30, 2014

A month had past since our little son started his nursery schooling.  We were hesitant to let him go to school since he doesn't know much, except from holding the pencil and scribbling, he was not able to write even a straight line or recognize things. He can't even talk properly since his still stutter when he talks but then if I would take into considerations this problems and just let him stay at home, he will be late for school and wouldn't even the got the chance to interact and grow as a student. 

So June ended briefly and still his words are still the same, except for mixing the numbers, he now knows confidently to tell his first name and yes, he still could not properly calls me and his daddy or his sister (amee, ayie, tete) but seeing him with a smile on his face and enjoying school is enough for a mom like me to be happy and hopefully he could improve well and be a good boy so his teacher would not get a headache because of him. 


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