Back to School Checklist: Start a fabulous and fresh school year

Sunday, August 03, 2014

It's always nice to relive your school years, the excitement and the stresses that you need to go through which they often called as first day high.  They say that high school life is the best time of your life wherein it's more fun and play,  since college days needs to be more focus because it's already challenging and not to forget, demanding.

Going back to school means you need to say goodbye to summer. The fun time with the company of friends and family will soon be over and you need to set up your mind for the new school year.  Although, the first weeks of every school year is exciting with thoughts like seeing your best buddy and classmates or perhaps having a glance on your crush or your favorite teacher. 

Here's some ideas or checklist that you need to consider for a new fresh start.  A great opportunity to make good impression on gaining new friends and achieving high grades. 

  • Making a good first impression starts on choosing your clothes.  If your in secondary, having a clean and neat uniform is just the basic.  But if your in college or university and wearing civilian clothes for school, just a good comfortable clothes that are not revealing will definitely do. 
  • Plan your breakfast and school meals ahead of time.  Save time by creating a meal board /meal plan for the week.  Make sure they are healthy but easy to eat and don't ever skip meals because you need this to help you concentrate for the day. 

  • Early to bed, early to rise.  Keep your schedule in time and sleep early, be flexible and if you need to use alarm clocks, do so. 
  • Be neat every time.  School is an area where many people collides , you don't want to smell something that is not pleasant.  Take a good shower and  Use products that can give you a long time freshness. Specially that your on your growing years, teens tend to sweat a lot.  To avoid bad odor especially on that important part of our body, use Pure 'N Fresh Mandarin Kisses Feminine Wash from Unilab daily. It's gentle and mild that you can use everyday to removes the odor - causing bacteria and the best part is it has milk proteins and chamomile extract to help nourish the skin and boost skin moisture. 

  • If you are commuting, make sure to add extra time to avoid the hassles of being late for school.  If your using your own car, make sure to regularly check them to avoid possible road problems. 
  • Be fabulous  bu it doesn't need to be expensive. Keep a small beauty kit for you to save in times of bad odor and terrible sweat. Bring powder, wet tissue, hair brush, deodorant if you must. Smell good all day long with this Pure 'N Fresh Tangerine Delight Cologne. Be fab and confident. 

  •  Don't forget important things needed for school to avoid additional stress. This eco-friendly school ideas can help you save money and help the environment. 
  • Hold your head high and give your best smile to everyone.  It means, it pays to be friendly sometimes. 
Enjoy each day and don't forget to concentrate and listen well to your professor. Good luck and welcome back to school. 

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