Home Living - Why you need a front-load washing machine?

Friday, September 26, 2014

The popularity of front-loading washing machines is growing each year. Many homeowners are choosing front-loading washers because of their convenience and ease of use. Instead of reaching down into a washer to retrieve wet clothes, users can quickly and easily transfer the clothes into a laundry basket next to the front door of the washer. Front-loading washing machines can be found at places like Appliances Connection. Here are three reasons why front-loading washers are gaining popularity with homeowners. 

Additional Space in the Laundry Room

Some homeowners have small laundry rooms with just enough space for the washer and dryer. Perhaps they have a water heater in the laundry room as well. They may have little space to maneuver themselves as they are doing the laundry. Many of these homeowners appreciate a front-loading washer because they can place items on top of it. For instance, when they finish taking clothes out of the washer, they can place the laundry basket on top of the appliance before putting the clothing items into the dryer. They can also put soap, fabric softener and other lightweight supplies on top of their front-loading washing machine. This gives owners easy access to the materials they need while they are doing the laundry.

Ensure Clothes Are Being Washed

Many homeowners prefer front-loading washers because they like to see that the clothing is being washed in a thorough way. Most front-loading washers have a clear glass door. Homeowners can see what is happening and stop the machine if need be. Plus, some homeowners like the satisfaction of actually seeing the dirt and mud being washed off their clothes, curtains, furniture coverings and other household items!

Stack Your Washer and Dryer

Finally, an owner who has a shelf in the laundry room doesn't need to store laundry detergent, fabric softener and other supplies on top of their front-loading washer. They can choose to stack their front-loading dryer on top of their front-loading washer. This creates even more space to move around in a small laundry room.


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