Getting Ready for Baby

Friday, October 31, 2014

Babies require a lot of care. There are many products that moms expect that they need, but they could do without. Most doctors advise not to put any lotion on the baby’s skin, but when it comes time for preventing against those scaly patches, a mixture of Vaseline and cocoa butter does the trick better than any baby lotion, and it’s cheaper too. 

Another product which most moms use that is not very effective in comparison to its claims is diaper cream. Vaseline, a far cheaper alternative, achieves a better result than diaper cream. Not only does it prevent diaper rash, but if a baby already has a diaper rash, diaper rash cream burns and stings the baby when applying it to the rash. This does not happen with Vaseline; Vaseline will not hurt or worsen the baby’s diaper rash. This makes for a calmer baby. 

As far as clothes are concerned, most babies do not need little beanies for their heads. Chances are that moms are not going outside with their babies when the weather is bad anyhow, and if they do, so many jackets or hoodies are naturally equipped with hoods to protect the baby’s head, ears and neck. Numerous onesies, sleepers, pants and shorts are good to have. Babies get dirty quickly and will need plenty of spare clothes. 

Shoes are another commodity that aren't really necessary either. Until the baby turns about one, the baby just doesn't need shoes. Socks and slippers are different. It’s important to keep the baby’s feet warm and protected. However, since babies don’t usually walk until they’re close to a year old, it’s not necessary to place little shoes on their feet. 

Baby towels aren't necessary to have either. A regular towel is greater in absorbency and keeps the baby warmer too because regular-sized towels are thicker and larger. Most babies cry after their baths and it’s due to being cold. Rid of this problem and most babies are as happy as can be. 

However, there are some products that are not only necessary, but downright essential, such as a nasal aspirator. Cribs and baby swings are also essential. Playpens are a good idea to have as well. Discover what other baby furniture baby needs. Wisdom and the advice of older moms will provide all the guidance needed in which products to purchase. Raising a baby can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

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