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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's been a while since I last updated this site and yes, I'm guilty of procrastinating and being busy is what I always says. But yes, there are days that I'm indeed busy but most of the time, I'm too stressed out on my daily routine that even my mind is full of thoughts, i could not let it flow and type since my hands are already tired after a days work. 

MelandriaRecently, me and my daughter is walking in the city and we went inside this music store since she saw an organ, while looking at the organ, something caught my attention, this tenor sax neck strap reminds me of my school days.  I remember, a friend always needs to buy a new neck strap since she always breaks the strap. I missed being in school , perhaps next year I'm determined to study again and fulfill my plans. Blogging is not as stable as before and there are days that I'm just really to tired to write. 

If things goes as planned, i will study again and pursue a new career. Hopefully, in time all things will happen. 

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