Taking Your Dog on the Road

Monday, December 22, 2014

Travel is both a fun and stressful time for the whole family, most of all our four legged family members. Many dogs and household pets get stressed when they travel, however nowhere near as stressed as when they get left at home alone. The reality is our four legged family members need the same love and attention, which the two-legged members of the family do. Companionship, and time spent together is key to a healthy happy life. Hence the recent surge in popularity of services like Animal Day Care.


So with that said, how does one go about travelling with their four legged family members? What tips and tricks do the experts suggest?

Finding an Animal Friendly Hotel
The reality is, unlike dog owning families many hotels do not allow four legged family members. This means it is important to investigate before you travel and make sure you choose hotels and accommodations which will allow you to bring along all of the members of your family.

A service or community like My Pawson dog friendly hotels will allow you to choose a hotel or other accommodation which is suitable for the whole family. There are many such communities and services available on the Internet where dog lovers can share their stories and travel tips. Finding a pet friendly hotel is often one of the most difficult parts of planning to bring along a pet on vacation.

Consider Mode of Travel
Air travel is probably one of the most stressful ways to take a dog on a vacation. In some instances like crossing the ocean, it cannot be avoided, however where possible it is best to avoid taking your dog on a plane. It is both less stressful for them, and us dog owners to drive or take a train. This way the entire journey can be spent reassuring our pets.
If you must travel by air see if you can find a case or air carrier, which will allow you to bring the dog on board in a crate. This is not realistic for larger dogs, but some air carriers will allow small and medium sized dogs in the cabin so long as their carrier can fit under the seat in front of the passenger.

Should Your Dog Travel?
As an animal lover my answer is almost always yes. But sometimes it can be more stressful to the animal than being left in the care of a responsible kennel or loved one. The reality is short trips are highly stressful as the situation is constantly changing, and in the case of some dogs, they just do not travel well. In terms of this question there is not a right answer, rather it depends on the individual dog and the schedule. This article provides some insight on making this big decision.

The good news is most dogs’ travel well. And some are even excited by heading off on a trip. To keep your vacation stress free there are two things to remember; choose the lowest stress mode of transportation, and a good pet friendly hotel.


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