3 Ways Your High School Aged Child Can Make Money

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Years ago, teens looking for a job went to the fast food giants or the local mall to work at the clothing store.  While those types of jobs are a staple, they are no longer the only jobs available for your teen.  If you would like to create an entrepreneurial spirit in your child, try to encourage them to create different jobs for themselves rather than flipping burgers or selling tee shirts.

For a enterprising teens, there are many jobs they can choose from:

Web Designer
Many teens are tech savvy and can create websites quicker and better than you and I can. If your child has a deep understanding of technology as well as a flair for design, he may make a great web designer.  He could offer lower rates in the beginning and then gradually increase rates as his skills and talent improve.


If your teen can invest in a domain name and hosting such as Intechnology, she can be off and running with her own blog.  Some of the most popular personal finance blogs are written by people in their 20s writing for their peers.  The time is ripe for a teen to blog about finance for her peers.

Of course, there are plenty of other topics she can blog about.  While blogging isn't a guaranteed source of income, it can be something she does on the side while working another job until the blog makes money.


If your child is a strong student, he can offer tutoring in his best subjects.  He could tutor those his own age or younger.  If he doesn't want to set up his own business, there are plenty of online tutoring sites where he could work from the comfort of home, especially if he is over 18.

With a little ingenuity, your child can create a job for herself that will net her a nice income in high school.  Best of all, many of these businesses are portable, so she could continue to work on her business while she is in college, which she might enjoy more than doing a college work study program.Melandria

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