Love, Live and Loving It

Saturday, February 21, 2015

All my life, I've been drifting along , slowly towards some unknown goals,
and then you came and you made my heart flutter
and gave courage and faith to live again.
I always believe that we met not by chance nor circumstances
but we met because it was destined to happened.

We might have our differences, different opinions and beliefs that make us unique.
We have our fair shares of trials, but definitely one thing will prevail and that is our love
and our love for our children and our aim on creating beautiful memories with them.

A love such ours will never end, A love such as ours will always be,
your eyes, your smiles, the kind words you say and the love you have given me,
those memories would warm me and make me strong each day, each moment.

You are my love, my one and only lav-lav, you bring happiness in my life
and joy in my heart. I would not ask for more, because asking would be too much,
i will only hope that we can share,
a Lifetime of Beautiful Memories. "Ikaw Lamang"!

Here's a song for you my lav-luv!

Nung una kitang masilayan buhay ko'y nag-iba,
binigyan mo ng liwanag ang puso kong nagdurusa,
Ikaw ang kasagutan sa aking mga dalangin,
ang makapiling ka ay langit na maituturing

Ikaw ang aking kaligayahan na hindi mapapantayan,
ng ano mang kayamanan at ng ano pa mang karangyaan
Ikaw ang hanap ng puso ko sa twina,
ang makapiling ka ay labis na ligaya

Wala ng hahanapin, wala ng hihingin
ikaw ang aking pag-ibig , Ikaw Lamang!

Happy Anniversary :)

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