Share the Wealth

Friday, February 27, 2015

I always remember my grandmother used to tell me if you have something share it with someone.  You might not able to have in return but the fulfillment is more than enough.  But the real problem is not that, i don't have any wealth to share. LOL. 

And i am the one who is really in need right now.  It was very categorically speaking if i may say, but even though i could not share any financial wealth i am still happy because i can share some of my simple knowledge to my fellow friends and that i believe is more than any financial wealth.

Blogging faves way for me to learn new things and experience things I haven't experienced before. It also helps me in a way that i can help other newbie bloggers that needed my help.  Although, i'm erratic and emotional sometimes, i'm easy to talk to and will definitely have a ready ear to listen to you endlessly. 

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