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Friday, March 06, 2015

Thinking of what happened last weekend makes me tremble in anger and yes it gives me a big reason to let my anger goes into a level of not wanting to do anything. But then, my gratitude goes to the people who helped me with this dilemma of mine.

Yes, i admit it that I'm not the kind of person that has a great patience or someone that can just smile and let everything takes it's natural course. When i sense something wrong or felt something that is not good, there is always the tendency for me to be serious and alarmed.  Alarming that it came into a term that i'm really in panic.

I have already suffered that problem for a long time and even though I'm trying my best to make myself calm, i just could not and sometimes it's irritating of me but then the good thing is , my heart would raise that high but it will eventually subside within a few minutes and an hour would be the most.

Now, as it slowly subsides, the pain or anger that I felt would remain there for days , months or even until I don't know when.  Yes, I'm not good in taking things lightly.  I'm the kind of person that would even let that grudge inside my heart lingers for a long time and it sucks, yes, you heard it from me, it does sucks and somehow it's my shield for not getting hurt.

Well, i guess everything came back to it's normal phase and I was happy that the problem was resolved and I owe my gratitude to someone who helped me along the way and of course for hubby on letting my tears fall down although he kept on telling me that nothing will happened even i cry but still I'm happy that he was there to tell me to stand on my feet and fight my feelings and that's a big consolation somehow.


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