Silly me, silly you!

Monday, March 02, 2015

There are times that my mind is not working and even i wanted to write something, i just can't find the right words to say.  Yes, i needed time for some relaxation but this is not the perfect time for me to get lazy and just sleep around.  I always wanted to have a break but then i love exactly what is happening to my life now.

There are things i wanted to change, if only i can change it but if  i will be given a chance to do it, i might not do it actually.  Silly me!  Ooh, i must really be silly but yet i just want to express what i felt. Are you now reacting wild?  Yes , maybe not.  But you will agree with me that there are times that you feel exactly the way i do.  It's natural we are  human and were alive.  It feels good that sometimes you get some odd feeling that you wanted to do something but you cannot do it.

There are times that you wanted something but even though how much you want and wish that to happen it would not and then you get dismayed or sometimes your heart aches for that but then you will realize that it is not the right time for you to have that or to feel that feeling.

Am i talking non-sense to you? Well, at least there is one truth you cannot deny.  You are still here with with, reading every bit of what I have written.  Ooh, i just don't know really what to say.

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