The Best Blouse Options for Any Body Type

Monday, April 06, 2015

Blouses are casual outfits that can be worn in several occasions and a wide variety of ready to wear blouse items are readily available for purchase in malls and several online shops. Though there are many designs and options to choose from, picking one that suits your body type and style will save you from buying a blouse that you’ll end up wearing once or never in your life.

Big Hips and Narrow Shoulder body types usually have small waists. When you fall in this category, avoid large studded blouses. Pick blouses that fall into the pastel colors, white and beige colored ones. You can also add a small narrow belt to focus the attention on your waists. Extra foams in the shoulder can also be placed to enhance your appearance.

Wide hipped body types on the other hand should avoid bring colors and blouses with a lot of prints. Too tight and too loose blouses should also be avoided. Go for bright colored blouses with vertical stripes to make your look more charming. Avoid wearing a belt in this case because it will make your hips look wider.

Small hips with narrow shoulders on the other hand should avoid using V-neck blouses as well as square collared and low collared blouses. Women with this type of body should go for the asymmetric blouses.  Asymmetric blouses with oval collars on the other hand will suit them the most and will add a touch of feminine to their look. You can visit Zalora Philippines for different blouses that will suit any body type. 

Broad shoulders with small hips on the other hand on the other hand can wear long blouses that are tight at the hips as well as low-neck blouses. A contrast colored belt will make the look even more fabulous. Striped blouse on the other hand should be avoided by women with this body type.

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