Who Said LED Rope Lights Are Only For Christmas

Monday, April 13, 2015

Anyone who thinks that led rope lights are just for Christmas suffer from some serious lack of imagination and missing out on some fabulous design ideas. I mean, what’s not to like about them? 

 • They’re cheap -usually a good start in my book

 • They’re easy to install - ditto, very important for people much like me who have more ideas compared to what they really have the talent to bring them to life

 • They can be LED - which means that these are cheap to work because they are so energy efficient They can be used to perk up a dingy corner inside the living room, give a little ambience to the bedroom or if you fancy making your own cheap and cheerful party decorations. They can be remarkably easy to use, you can bend them, twist them and fasten them almost anywhere. 

Here are a few ideas. 

1 - Bring your bedroom to our lives with rope lights backlighting hidden beneath your headboard. It’s enough to help make the whole room glow and is great for setting the mood. You could potentially even use it to light under your bed if you fancy . . . it’ll also assist you to find any stray socks which might be lurking there.

2 - What about wrapping a rope light around the balcony railing to improve the exterior ambiance of your home and add a little subtle lighting for emergencies. Or then why not wrapping throughout the stair rail inside your home - a little bit just like the emergency lighting they use inside the cinema or on airplanes when the lights go down low. 

3 - How about making some decorative lights for your upcoming party . . . and after that leave them up all year if you would like. Roll then up into a ball and suspend them from your ceiling or maybe in an alcove. Alternatively, somewhere else that takes your fancy.

4 - Place rope lights beneath the cabinets to give subtle light for your work surfaces. It’s really simple and easy , quick to do and it is great for lighting up those dark corners sufficient so that you can see what you’re doing.

5 - Some vanity lights around bathroom mirrors and cabinets are not just ugly, additionally they provide much too much light which appears all of your wrinkles and imperfections. Okay, maybe you don’t have any wrinkles and imperfections yet but trust me, it’s only a matter of time. Anyhow, bring them down and employ rope lights in their place. They are much more subtle when wrapped around a bathroom cabinet or mirror; you might even tuck them below the edge to ensure that it looks like your mirror is lit up from behind for an extra stylish look. 

6 - What about lighting up a few of your artwork with these kinds of lights? You can make an elegant sculpture filled with holes and backlight it to give a very dramatic and professional look. Nobody needs to know you’ve used nothing more easy and cheap to work with compared to a humble rope light can they?

7 - They can be found in extremely a good choice for lighting up dark closets, corners and alcoves around the home. You can easily install rope lights inside a closet which can be extremely effective.

Now will you understand that rope lights are not just great for Christmas decorations, they may be fabulous for providing cheap, energy efficient lighting all year round. 

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