Ideas for Fun-filled Summer Parties for Children

Friday, May 08, 2015

Some children are ‘lucky’ enough to have birthdays in the summer, but even if your child isn’t celebrating that special day during the summer, there are other reasons to host parties. Most often, parents go stark raving mad when the end of July rolls around because they have simply run out of ways to keep their kids entertained. Why not help them to host their very own mid-summer party? If they help in the planning, it gives them something to do and surely keeps them out of your hair for at least an hour or two. Here are some ideas for fun-filled summer parties for children.

Backyard Petting Zoo

Have you ever taken the time to speak with your children’s friends and/or mothers and fathers? You would be surprised at just how many kids have unusual pets. Not everyone has a dog or cat. Some families have mice/rats, some rabbits, some iguanas, while others may even have a goat or two. Depending on where you live, you can often find enough kids with unusual pets to bring to a backyard petting zoo party. If not, contact a local humane society or critter farm. Some may even volunteer their animals for free just to get the publicity. You can also have the kids help you to make silly animal treats for them as well as for the animals that visit.

Water Parties

Some families have backyard pools, in ground or above ground, while others only have portable wading pools for younger kids. Why not rent a water slide for an afternoon during July or early August which is traditionally the hottest time of the year. The kids can have a blast and after the slide is packed up and gone, you can offer light summer snacks that the kids can help prepare. If you are looking for companies that have water slide rentals, start by looking here. You may even find other fun rides, like bounce houses, that wouldn’t be all that expensive to rent. Have fun in the sun but cool off with water.

Sleepover under the Stars

During the school year many parents are reluctant to let their little ones spend the night with friends for a lot of reasons, usually because they fear school work will suffer. However, some parents are afraid of all the seasonal colds and influenzas that tend to get passed around in colder months so they don’t let their kids spend the night with anyone. In the summer, when seasonal viruses aren’t running rampant, you stand a better chance of getting other parents to bring their kids for a sleepover. 

What about a sleepover in your backyard under the stars? If you have a tent, fine, if not, that’s great too. Either the kids can sleep in sleeping bags right out in the open or you can use old quilts and blankets to let them build their own tents. They have so much fun which will keep them excited weeks before the sleepover and long after as well. 

The object is to do something that instills a sense of anticipation to keep them excited working up to the party and after, they will have something to talk about even into the next school year. Don’t spend the summer battling bored kids, throw a party and see how quickly they brighten up. It works every time.

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