Properly Displaying Your Collectibles

Thursday, May 07, 2015

When you have a prized figurine or Rawlings batting helmet, you want your collectibles to remain as pristine as possible. Although you might want some items handy to show off to friends, displaying collectibles on a basic table is a recipe for disaster. Don't tempt any damage, but properly display those treasured items with a few professional tips.

Keep the Dust Off

Your first step to a proper display is an enclosed cabinet. Ideally, you want a sturdy wood cabinet with secure glass doors. Avoid any opaque or ornate doors because you'll disrupt the view into the collectibles' space. Although you can open these doors up for a closer view, basic glass doors allow anyone to gaze into the cabinet without letting any dust into the interior. Dust is often accompanied by oil, marring beautiful collectibles with grease.

Pick the Right Stand

All collectibles have a unique shape, requiring specific display stands. Figurines might need a small staircase stand to show off all their details. Hats and helmets definitely require a stand to preserve their bills and edges from warping against a cabinet surface. If you aren't sure about a particular stand, a professional can always suggest a model based on the collectible type.

Bolt the Cabinet

It doesn't matter if you live in an earthquake-prone area or not, definitely bolt the cabinet to the wall. If any ground tremors occur from guests or natural phenomena, collectibles could be severely damaged when a cabinet sways or falls over. Bolts are simply added between the cabinet and wall studs. Even add double-sided tape to collectible stands' undersides to help them remain in position for years of safe display.

Sunlight Issues

Be aware of the sunlight entering the home. It will change its angle throughout the year, possibly striking the collectibles for hours at a time. Even with the glass door, ultraviolet radiation easily fades and weathers collectibles. They lose value and aesthetic beauty with this sunlight damage. Move the cabinet to a shaded area for the best protection. If any light is necessary for the display, simply add artificial lighting to accentuate the items at night.

Until you find the right display case, store any collectibles in their original packaging. From customized padding to strong boxes, packaging will keep the treasure safe and dust-free until they can be displayed. Allowing them to sit out and exposed only opens them up to possible damage and dust accumulation.


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