Where to Find Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

When it comes time to start planning your wedding there are so many things to think about that you may be ready to get a divorce even though you haven’t said your vows yet! It is true that there are a lot of decisions that must be made but with a little sound advice, you’ll get through it just fine. 

However, where can you turn to get tips for planning the perfect wedding? Here’s a few places you might like to start.

Church Encounter Groups

Some churches provide encounter groups for newly engaged couples so that they will get the counselling they need before saying their vows. In fact, in some faiths these are called “Pre-Cana” classes and are required before the couple is allowed to be married in the church. In any case, this is a great place to ask for some tips because others may know great musicians to play and sing the ceremony and other couples may have leads for reception entertainment and may know of great venues you’ve never thought of. 

Wedding & Bridal Magazines

There are a number of bridal and wedding magazines you may want to browse through, some online and some in print. Usually you will find the latest fashions and some even offer discounts for honeymoon suites at luxury hotels while others help you choose foods for the reception and offer advice on budgeting. You might want to take a look at weddings-magazine.com to get a look at some of the latest articles that might give you some ideas you hadn’t thought of. 

Venue Event Manager

When you start looking for a venue to hold your reception in, talk to the event manager that you will be discussing services with. These professionals are in the business of hosting weddings and they can easily advise you on what is currently trending and perhaps even recommend entertainment, DJs, florists, and perhaps where to get the best bridal attire at the most reasonable prices.

Florists, Caterers & Bakers

Florists, caterers and bakers are great sources of information as well. These businesses service weddings on a regular basis and can suggest foods, flowers and even novelty wedding cakes you may not even know exist. It always helps to be able to choose foods that are appropriate and flowers that will go with your gown as well as with the venue when it comes to centerpieces and table décor. 

Get as Much Advice as Possible

Whether you choose to talk to recently married couples, soon to be married couples, ministers, venue coordinators or even wedding planners, the point is to get advice and tips from as many sources as possible so that you can pick and choose those ideas that appeal to you most. You don’t need to follow their advice – just listen!

The more tips you get, the easier it will be to find the things you want most to include in your special day. Talk to family, friends and neighbors but most importantly, don’t make your final decision on anything until you’ve had time to consider your options. This is where you’ll get your tips, it’s up to you to decide what to do with all this advice.

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