Creating A Proper Pre-IVF Diet

Friday, July 03, 2015

In the event that your doctor told you that you need to go through in-vitro fertilization in order to conceive a baby, you may want to also ask about the existence of a special pre-procedure diet that would have to be respected so that success chances would be increased. We are faced with a procedure that is not at all cheap so you normally want to do everything that you can in order to increase thepossibility of success. 

We need to understand that there are various factors that will have an impact on the success speed and overall outcome. One of them is building a proper diet. Having a diet that is suitable should start around two months before the procedure. 

What To Avoid

This is important so we should discuss it first. All foods that are produced by adding growth hormones or pesticides have to be avoided since they will negatively impact the entire body. All the foods that have artificial additives have to be avoided. For instance, you want to choose butter instead of margarine. In a similar fashion added artificial sweeteners and sugar should be avoided. When referring to alcohol, it is a good idea to simply avoid it completely and smoking should stop. 

Women have to be careful when they eat vegetables and fruits that have even mild mold traces as the spores do tend to quickly migrate even to areas that are cut off. Seafood consumption has to be minimized. Alternatively, you can consume only seafood that does not include mercury. 

What To Eat

You can always add seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet if they are organically produced. If they are not organically produced, you should be careful and wash them properly before consumption. CRGH London highlights that white bread has to be eliminated and you can consume brown bread and wholegrain foods. 

Try to add beans, nuts and seeds in your pre-IVF diet as they include various healthy oils that are beneficial for the body of a woman. Try to add low fat dairy products and all the meat that is consumed has to be organic and lean. The foods that are rich in folic acid and vitamin B6 are particularly great for women that are trying to conceive. 

What To Drink

When thinking about a diet, most people only think about food. What you eat is equally important as you try to get pregnant. It is vital that you consume as much water as the body needs so that dehydration is avoided at all costs. At the same time, you can add green tea to your diet because of the high antioxidants content. 

Possible Supplementation

There are some pretty good pre-pregnancy supplements out there that are really good and that can be considered. However, it is important that you talk with the doctor and that you tell them all that you can about how much you eat and what you eat. That will help him/her to tell you if you need supplementation or not. In many situations supplements can help but they can also hurt the chances of becoming pregnant when they are not properly chosen.

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