Get Ready for the Family Reunion

Friday, July 31, 2015

You can't remember the last time that you brought your extended family members together. Everyone is spread out across the country. Visits are far and few between. You usually see each other at a wedding or a funeral. Why not take advantage of the summer and good weather to plan a family reunion? Life is short and you need to make the most of every minute. That means spending time with the people you love. Make quality moments happen and reunite with those you love while you have the chance.

Pick Your Place
Your family reunion doesn't have to break the bank. You can hold it in your backyard, choose a state park, or find a location that provides a pavilion. The most important thing is to pick a setting that will accommodate all of your guests. You'll also want to be prepare for any type of weather. While an outdoor party is ideal, you may have to deal with bad weather. Make sure you have a place to take cover and bathroom facilities. 

Think About Sleeping Arrangements
Everyone is going to need a place to stay. You can band together with relatives who live near the reunion location to give your guests a place to sleep. Otherwise, look into local motels and hotels. It may be possible to get a decent discount when a large group is making a reservation.

Plan Your Refreshments
You need to feed a large group of people at a family reunion and you want everyone to be happy. You can cater or ask friends and family to contribute a dish for a potluck style meal. Top off the day with a refreshing dessert. Gelato Products supplies frozen yogurt spoons  and more when you want to dish up something cool.

Don't Forget the Pictures
When you gather family together from near and far, you need to find a way to capture the memories. Use your cell phones or put out disposable cameras. Consider hiring a photographer for the afternoon. You can also set up a photo booth with silly hats and accessories where everyone can take turns to take pictures. When your day comes to a close, you can create a photo album that will bring back those special moments for years to come until you get ready for the next gathering.


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