Prepare your home for typhoon

Friday, August 21, 2015

With the heavy rains due to the typhoon that coming often, it is always better to have your house repair or checked up before further problems arises and unplanned expenses. It is always important to prepare your home for rainy season. Here are some handy ideas that i thought worth sharing. 

Before going to major repair, you can make a list of priority 

Check your roofs and gutters 

Your roofs and gutters should be on your top list. Make sure to have a roofing experts who can check your roofs, if it needs to be replaced or just a simple repair can do. It is very important to find someone who knows roof and gutter repairs for perth so that even heavy rains falls down, you can be assured that you will be sleeping in comfort. 

Check your walls

Check your walls for any damages and cracks that may leak once the heavy rain comes.  Make sure to use plaster intended for the walls,  Keep out those leaks by using a specialized wall paint that you can use in the exteriors. 

Check your pipes

It is also important to check your water pipes, clogs should be removed. Make sure that irrigation are properly working. 

Check your windows and doors

Make sure that it can be properly closed and intact. 

Check your surroundings or backyards

While preparing for the inside, make sure to check your surroundings too, especially if your home has a backyard.  Make sure that big branches of trees should be away from your house, so in case heavy wind blows them, it would not hit your home causing further damages. Secure your small pots and plants. 

It is always a good thing to prep your home before the big rain comes over so you and your family can have a good night sleep and peace of mind. But of course, it's very important to stay alert and informed.  You and your family's safety is the most important. 


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