Learning the Fundamentals of Makeup at Cosmix

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Students leave the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry with the skills they need to succeed in a career path of their choosing. Depending on their specialized makeup training, they can go on to do anything from creating monsters for blockbuster thrillers to helping brides look their best on their wedding day. But none of this can be done without having a solid foundation of basic makeup techniques to draw on as they progress in their field.

The Fundamental Makeup Technique class at Cosmix might be the most important of all the makeup courses students will take during their time at our school. It is one of the first classes that students take after enrolling at our makeup school and it provides them with the groundwork of knowledge that they will build on throughout their education. Students learn a variety of techniques from lectures, textbooks and demonstrations before getting a chance to practice with hands-on applications.

Some of the areas covered in the curriculum for the Fundamental Makeup Technique class include:

The Essential Principles of Application: Students learn the basics on how to use common brushes, eyeliners and other tools to apply makeup.

The Effects of Lighting: How makeup looks can vary greatly depending on the type of lighting being used. This is particularly important for makeup artists to understand who are going to focus on areas such as fashion or film and television.

Mature Makeup: Creating a makeup look for older women presents unique challenges. Students learn how to apply makeup for older women that make them look their best while retaining their natural looks.


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