Will You Adapt Your Go to Make Up Style as You Get Older?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Personally, I have been doing my make up the same way since I was about 14, with variations for trends in terms of color. I saw a picture and tutorial in a magazine back then for what I thought was an extremely cool look with heavy eye makeup and pale lips (it was kind of a sixties mod look, as at that time in the early nineties there was a bit of a sixties fashion revival going on). I learned to copy it, and found it really suited my face, so I basically stuck with it, adjusting it as I got older (and better at makeup) so it could work for any kind of outfit or occasion. 

Growing Up

The way I wear my make up now may look quite different to that original photograph, but the process is the same, and the most important bits – eyeliner and lots of mascara – never change. 

They get toned down a bit if I want to wear bright lipstick, but usually lipstick is the most neutral or light part of the whole thing, and the bit I am most prepared to go without (after all it usually comes off first when I eat or drink and I never got into constantly checking and touching up my makeup – once it's on my face I don't want to have to think about it!).

But What About Later On?

Recently, however, I began to think about how I've essentially been doing my makeup the same way my whole life, and how it'd be very hard to get used to a different style or way of applying it – I wear makeup every day so I just wouldn't look like me if I tried a more natural look. That got me thinking about aging. While the smoky eye look may look trendy on a teenager, and still fine in my thirties, won't there be a point where it starts to look bad when I'm old?

I am basically cool with the idea of growing older, though I'd rather do what I can to stay looking young for as long as possible, and will be heading to Your Laser Skin Care for some botox Los Angeles style once I feel it is necessary. However, even the best botox and skin peels won't keep me looking young forever, so there will probably come a time when I have to think about whether my current make up style is a bit 'mutton dressed as lamb'.

What Will You Do?

I think my style probably will have to make way for something more age appropriate when I get older, but I can see why some people of our generation might be more in the 'I like it so I'm keeping it' camp. 

Do you have a go to make up style that you would feel strange changing? Do you think you'll adapt it to suit an older face as you age, or keep on rocking it?

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