Getting Help For Your Troubled Teen

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

There are many factors that contribute to teenage delinquency, but bad behavior is always difficult for parents to handle. Troubled teens need help and guidance. You may want to consider a boot camp for teenagers like the one at Wood Creek Academy that's equipped to deal with your teen's problems before they escalate and lead to serious consequences.

Teen problems can have a profound affect on the entire family. The teenage years can bring some of the toughest discipline challenges that parents have to face. Arguing, breaking curfews, skipping school, rebelling, lying, stealing, and drug and alcohol abuse are just some of the problems that teenagers face. Although teens become more independent with age, they still lack the emotional maturity needed to make thoughtful and informed decisions. During the teenage years, the parts of the brain that control decision making and impulse control are not yet fully developed. Teens are more prone to quick decisions without thoughts of consequences. Unfortunately, this leads to risky behaviors that can result in harsh consequences.

As hard as it may be, troubled teens need discipline. As a parent, you need to gain more control over your troubled teen without seeming too controlling. Here are some helpful tips:

* Establish Clear Rules – It's common for troubled teens to push boundaries to see how their parents respond. It's important to set clear rules and establish realistic, fair consequences for breaking them. 

* Prioritize Rules – Prioritize the importance of your rules. For example, green hair may not appeal to you, but it isn't dangerous. It's okay to let little things slide sometimes, but serious behavior problems like drug and alcohol use are never negotiable. 

* Be Firm and Consistent – Teens are master manipulators. They're great at spotting any sign of parental weakness, so you have to be firm. When you waffle and negotiate, they will expect that response every time they break a rule. 

* Teach Responsibility – As a parent, it's your job to teach your children to be responsible for their decisions, whether good or bad. Teach them to make responsible choices and decisions, rather than impulsive ones that may result in dangerous behaviors with long-term consequences.

* Stay Involved – One of the best ways to prevent bad behavior and teen problems is to stay involved in their life. Be an interested, involved parent and know what your teen is doing. Know who your teen's friends are and where they go when they're out. 

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