When Is A Good Age To Start Botox?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Botox has long been a popular way to fight the signs of ageing, and is now one of the most common cosmetic procedures worldwide. For young women who have grown up with Botox being a fairly standard approach to dealing with facial wrinkles, the question is often not so much whether to get Botox at all, but when is the best time to start.

Botox Needs Maintenance

One of the main reasons the age to start Botox is an important decision is that Botox wears off. Unlike surgical procedures like face lifts, the effects of the product injected into facial muscles will only keep doing their job for a matter of weeks. This means that once you have started, you are basically making a commitment to continuing to have Botox for as long as you want to maintain its effects – for many people, this will be most of the rest of their lives. 

While Botox doesn't take especially long to administer and can be done in your lunch break (if you don't mind going back to the office with those tell-tale 'bee sting' like injection sites on your face), it is still a commitment in terms of time and money that you probably don't want to make earlier than you need to.

Preventative Botox

While the age at which you may start to see the immediate benefits of using Botox varies depending on your skin, most people begin to feel it would be beneficial in their late thirties or early forties, as their skin begins to show noticeable wrinkles and lines. 

However, some people are now advocating preventative Botox. The theory here is that by paralyzing the muscles in the face in advance of any wrinkles developing, those wrinkles won't form at all. This does make sense, however since it is a relatively recent trend, it is hard to know whether it works in practice because none of the women starting Botox in their twenties – or even their teens – have yet reached an age where wrinkles would normally show.

So How Should You Decide?

On the one hand, then, starting Botox before you 'need' it in terms of helping with existing wrinkles ties you in to regular treatments which each have a cost associated with them for a longer time. On the other, by starting young you may potentially stop or at least delay the onset of wrinkles at all. So when is the best time to start?

Because we don't yet know how effective preventative Botox will turn out to be, the decision should really come down to how much you value trying that over the long term commitment in terms of cost and money. While you may have the time and cash to spend on Botox at 25, at 35 your situation and your priorities may be different. 

Always ensure though, that whenever you choose to have your first Botox treatment, you visit a reputable clinic like Cotswoldfaceaestheticsclinic.co.uk who will perform the procedure safely and offer you as much comfort and aftercare as you deserve.
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