3 Ways to Travel With the Whole Family

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Vacations, whether for a month or just a weekend, are a great way to build memories with your family. However, some family members may have some reluctance when you suggest a family adventure. If you meet resistance, plan out your trip and spearhead the logistics of your multigenerational vacation. This takes the stress off of others and can make them more open to the idea. Here are some ideas of what you can do and how you can plan so your trip goes smoothly.
While camping trips can be a difficult sell for some — the idea of tents and sleeping pads and bags sometimes put people off — the great outdoors connects the family in ways little else can.
The first concern is your gear. Without the right gear, camping can be a drag, especially if it rains. For those who aren't experienced campers, make a checklist of items everyone needs. This should include rain jackets and pants, warm layering clothing, toiletries, a plastic fork, spoon, knife, cup and flashlight. Required gear also depends on the type of camping you plan on doing. For instance, when car camping, everyone can be a little less prepared than if the campground is a three mile hike in. For longer hikes, make sure to wear comfortable and supportive footwear, and insist on heavy-duty rain gear.
Educational Travel
Multigenerational travel has risen five percent in the last year. In fact, travelagewest.com reports that 87 percent of families planned a vacation in 2015. If you plan a vacation with children, focus on an educational aspect of the place you visit. Whether it is history, culture, art or language, young travelers can greatly benefit from this experience.
For instance, if your son or daughter is studying the Italian Renaissance, take a trip to Italy for an art history lesson, as some of the most famous paintings, sculptures and churches can be found scattered around Italy. Italy is best seen in the summer when the beaches are warm, but summer also sees an influx of tourists and crowds. While fall is a little cooler, the lines and crowds die down, making it a great time to visit. Flights and accommodations often drop in price as well to lure travelers.
Family Packages
Not everyone is up to a self-guided tour of a foreign country or an unfamiliar city. That's why many travel agencies and cruise lines offer discounts on popular tours and cruises that visit beautiful tropics, grand cities and bays that take your breath away. Cruises also provide fun activities for everyone in your family. There are water and theme parks for kids, casinos for those with luck, great restaurants for foodies, spas for relaxation and movie theaters for late-night entertainment. The most popular times for cruises are the spring and summer, as weather permits for many more activities, but the low season provides you with deals on family-sized parties. Some even go as low as $110.

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