Parents Resolutions for the New Year

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year’s opens up a new chance for beginning and starting life anew. We can practically thrown away all the bad things about the past year and move forward with a clean slate ahead. As parents, we can also do the same and create a better and stronger new “US” in the future. Since the Chinese new year is almost around the corner, i thought it would be nice to share some parent resolutions for the new year.

Being a parent is a two way street, it is how you see yourself as a parent and how your kids see you as a parent. These two perceptions of being a parent is essential in creating a harmonious relationship inside the family and a factor that should be considered in the resolutions that you intend to stick with this coming year.

Balance is one of the most important resolutions you can begin with as a parent. You should be able to create a balance on being the parent whom your kids need to strictly follow and the parent who can also be your children’s best friends. As much as we would like to be the go-to person of your children for every aspect in life and age they maybe, or as much as we would love to be their best friend, we still need create boundaries and show authority at times that it may require. Creating this balance is a tough resolution to start with but is beneficial for the family.

Time, genuine, fun and memorable time is what parents can also commit to their children and the family as a whole this year. Work is still important as well as our passions in life. But, in the end, lost time, the ones that we should have spent with the kids can never be reclaimed or turn back. See your kids grow, be present during important milestones in their life. They are only kids once. Regrets for not spending sufficient time with them will not bring that time back.

A healthier and sound mind and body is another important goal you can set for this year’s New Year’s resolution. We all want to live longer not only for ourselves but most especially for the people that we love. We can only do that by taking care of our health and wellness too.

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