The Best Swimsuits for Summer According to Your Body Type

Sunday, March 13, 2016

It’s time to hide away those thick blazers and fur jackets inside your cabinet and prepare to shed of a few pounds to fit inside your favorite bikini just perfectly this coming summer. With just a few weeks away till summer, it’s practically time to flaunt it and feel confident on your own skin with the perfect bikini for your body type.

Solid Colored Two Piece Swimsuit

Some mom’s are lucky enough to bring children into this world without having to endure a stretch mark as evidence in their body. Some are even blessed with good genes, or maybe hardworking muscles allowing them to flaunt those toned arms, abs and buns for the summer. The solid colored two-piece bikini is just the perfect option for them.

The Simple and Safe One-Piece Swimsuit

If you lack a little bit of confidence when it comes to flaunting your body or if you prefer to be on the modest side, one piece bikinis are perfect for you. The one-piece swimsuit comes in several designs and cut as well allowing you to flaunt a little bit of skin if you want to. Color and design ranges are almost close to endless, which guarantees you a perfect fit and design just in time for summer. If your not as confident as me, you can also wear it with a matching swim shorts. 

Haltered Top Bikinis

The haltered top is perfect for the busty women who would still want to flaunt a little bit of their confidence under the sun. It also features extra support at the bottom of the bust making it an ideal option for the athletic types as well or r if you enjoy doing water activities and water sports during summer time.

Bandeau Top

The bandeau top is a strapless piece of wide cloth used as top for bikinis. It is perfect for flat chested women. The style has a minimizing effect as well making it a good choice for bigger chested women if they would just want to linger and frolic around the beach or near the pool. They are ideal for tanning because they do not offer too many tan lines afterwards.

In the end, it is all rounds up to comfort and confidence when picking a bikini for your summer event and happenings. Choosing the right one perfect for your summer activities doubles the fun and the memories too.
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