5 Steps to Surprise Your Mom during a Special Occasion

Friday, April 01, 2016

Moms usually take care of everything in the house – taking care of everyone in the family, every household chore, and all other things. It is just fair to exert some efforts during special occasions, be it her birthday, mother’s day, Christmas or any other special event in her life.You should show your love for her by making this particular day worth-remembering. After all she experienced a lot of parenting stress while raising you.

Buying presents can be a bit challenging especially for men who are most of the times clueless about what to give – even to their dearest mothers. Are you having the same sentiments? Worry not because here, are some ideas on how to make your mother’s day during a special occasion happy and unforgettable.

Step 1: Take note of her favorite dishes – what is your mom’s favorite food including appetizer, main course, and her favorite desserts? It would be great to list down all her favorites and choose which one will make her most happy.

Step 2: Shop for ingredients - after deciding what food to prepare, it is time to do some shopping. Head on to the nearest supermarket and buy all the ingredients needed to complete your menu. Make sure to pick high quality ingredients to create a perfect meal.

Step 3: Cook a special dinner for her – moms usually cook for the family. She’s the queen of the kitchen. However, for her this special occasion, why don’t you treat her like a queen by cooking food for her? She would really feel touched that you would make an effort to do this for her. So do not let her do anything and if possible, you should keep this as a secret to surprise her.

Step 4: Set the table neat and nice – bring out the best-looking plates, glasses, and cutleries. The Harris Scarfe dinner sets you’ve been hiding in the cupboard are perfect for this occasion.The new Pyrex glass you bought online? Bring them out as well! These dinnerware will create a beautiful table settingthat will impress your mom even more. If you’re not an expert in this then you can refer to different tutorial videos on how to set the table. You may do the setting in your garden or you can rent a place somewhere where you can prepare everything for your mom.

Step 5: Give her a simple but thoughtful gift – lastly, come up with a thoughtful gift idea. This does not have to be expensive presents like branded bag, luxury items, jewelries, or others. This could be a simple but sweet bouquet of flowers with a note saying how much you love her and how much you treasure her. She will appreciate this gesture and will find it very endearing for sure.

Doing these things for the most wonderful and most special woman in your life will surely make her feel loved on her special day. You do not have to come up with the most expensive gifts for her. A special and sweet gesture like preparing dinner for her is more than enough to melt her heart. She’ll appreciate it for sure!

So do you already have an idea what dishes to prepare for your mom on this special occasion? Come up with a plan now to ensure that everything’s perfect for her.
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