Best Family Activity During Summer

Monday, April 18, 2016

The scorching heat of the summer is here yet there are plenty of activities that can allow you to escape from the tiring and exhausting weather. Here are sum best family activity during summer that you can do for that memorable summer time. 

Summer is actually the time where families can really spend quality time together. With the kids enjoying their break from school and parents waiting for the best excuse to skip Friday and get on with the weekend, here are some family activities you can consider to make your summer a blast.


Swimming is one of the most common activities families enjoy doing during the summer. It allows you to instantly get away from the heat and relax with the family. However, with all the traffic and delays that travelling to a resort or the beach can bring, staying at home might actually be a better option. 

Even without leaving your home, the family can practically enjoy swimming right at their own backyard with inflatable pools as a substitute for the beach. Some inflatable even comes with a built in tent allowing you to plunge into the water without worrying about the sun. It’s an affordable option and you can enjoy swimming any day of the week.


Camping is also a nice activity the whole family can find time to experience this summer. There are actually many campsites that caters for families and groups with different activities and facilitators to even make your experience even memorable. Or you can just simply enjoy building a tent together, eat marshmallows beside your cam fire and share spooky stories that will keep you up all night. 

Teach the kids to build fire or to simply appreciate the beauty of nature basking under your camping tents. 

Tree Planting

Teach your kids to value nature by starting with planting a tree. Participate in charities and community work to show a good example to your kids and to let them experience how it feels to help and to do something for the community and the environment. Make your kids and your summer a memorable and meaningful one by spending time with the people and places that you value the most.
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