How To Design A Nursery

Monday, April 18, 2016

It is an exciting and fun experience to design a baby's room, especially, if this is your first child. The first thing to consider what is theme sparks your interest. Quintessentially, people associated pink and blue to distinguish the sex of the child. However, parents are gravitating towards gender neutral tones to diminish the stigma that people associate with these colours.  

If you are in the hunt for a fresh outlook on a baby’s bedroom then here are a few suggestions that may guide you in creating your dream nursery.

1. Wall colour: The wall colour is a significant feature in the nursery as it builds the foundation of the bedroom.  For example, the chic combination of white and grey gives the room a contemporary touch, which is complimented well with vibrant furniture.  

1. Furniture: If you do decide to go for a beige, grey or cream base then  try to pair it with furniture that is neutral. The colours listed above would match an ivory bassinet  accompanied with an ivory bookshelf and drawer. It is best to choose furniture that is plain even if it is a bright colour. In this way, you can make bolder statements with artwork or rugs to complete the nursery. If you don’t have time to physically inspect furniture in store, MyDeal Australia is a great place to shop for furniture online.

1. Artwork: Illustrations are a necessary and eye-catching component in a baby’s room as it sets a scene and evokes emotion. Room decor is a significant element makes a room unique because it is very unlikely that another person’s setup will mirror your design.  It is also an excellent tool to engage your child in artistry from a young age.

1. Rugs: If you select a colour a scheme mixing it with patterns is a powerful way to juxtapose the positioning of the room. A kid’s rug is the biggest statement piece in the entire room as the furniture and wall colour have a rather mild impact. That being said, if you want to ease it down with the rug and go for something that is plain this will allow you to have one wall with bold design to contrast the nursery.

One important consideration should be the size of the rug in conjunction with the perimeter of the bedroom. For instance, if the room is quite small, choosing a rug with large pattern can make the room appear smaller than its actual size.

It is not one single piece that will give you a stylish nursery, it is rather the combination of all the elements listed above.
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