A Spring Clean for the Modern Woman's Mind, Body,and Soul

Friday, May 13, 2016

The modern day mother and all-around woman of the world lives a hectic and errand pack
lifestyle. So while the to-do list seems never ending, it is important to take time and re calibrate and rejuvenate. Below are three great ways for every modern woman to give their mind, body and soul a spring clean.

Mind Your Mind

Making sure the children are packed for school, ensuring the utility bills are paid, organizing school and sports trips while simultaneously balancing the family budget is taxing on the brain, but also on the mind.

Given the ongoing nature of these tasks, mothers all around the world are left feeling disheveled. Set aside an hour to yourself once a week and indulge in a yoga class. With the focus on breathing and visualization, your mind is taken away and given the chance to relax and re calibrate. If you find it difficult to visit a Yoga studio, find a quiet space in your home or at a nearby park and follow an instructional video on your laptop or tablet.

Give Your Body a New Life

Running around all day, lifting up and putting down kids, sporting equipment, and the shopping takes a toll on your body. As this has likely been a long running routine, your body has forgotten what it’s like to feel and look good again. Visit your local beauty salon and book yourself in for a body wrap and massage. If you feel like a new look is in order, check out one of the many tanning salons in Boston which can give you the confidence to show off your newly rejuvenated body.

Feel It in Your Soul

While you cannot explain it, sometimes your whole system just feels off, and you do not feel  yourself. You do not have to be religious to realize this is your soul that needs some care and attention too. Meditation is the key to realigning your soul, but not the kind you have in mind. Often, the soul of a mother is thrown out of alignment because of built up stresses and frustration. The best way to let it all out is to let it all out. Get dressed into some comfortable clothing, head to your closest boxing gym, put on a pair of boxing gloves and take it all out on a boxing bag. While it may seem out of character, this is one of the best forms of modern meditation and will do wonders for your soul.

It's important to yourself and your sanity that you take the time to indulge and re calibrate your sense of being. The next time you are feeling like it's all getting too much, keep these tips in mind and enjoy their benefits.
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