Unique Ways to Announce Your Engagement Online

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Announcing your engagement is something you will only ever get to do once. You have to get it right. Yes, you can make it special for your friends and family at home, but what about the online world? There are a number of clever ways to announce your engagement online.

In this guide, the team at Hampshireukweddingsavings.co.uk are going to show you just how you can announce your big news in a special way.

Show Off the Goods

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. One awesome way of announcing your engagement online is to simply post a picture of you wearing your engagement ring. A diamond-encrusted ring will get people talking and ensure that people are going to be trying to guess what it’s all about.

It invites participation and engagement, which is always a great way to get people excited.

Send Out Wedding Invitations

Who said you had to announce your engagement online? Go the extra mile and send out some wedding invitations instead. They don’t have to be real. A mock wedding invitation sent to someone’s inbox has the shock factor applied. People generally don’t expect this to happen, so when it does it really gets the heart racing.

Make a Poster

There are films like Mr. and Mrs. Smith that chronicled a couple who were secretly working as agents. Films like this provide some perfect material for you to get creative. Replace your faces or even pose for your poster and post it online. You can add lots of little hints, such as ‘Rated M for Marriage’.

You don’t have to be an expert to make this work. With sites like Fiverr allowing you to have such projects done for less than $10, it’s a creative way to announce your engagement with a minimal amount of investment.

Get the Pet Involved

The only thing cuter than you and your loved one is your pet. Everyone loves cats and dogs, and those who don’t are probably not friends with you anyway. If your best friend can sit still for a minute, put the message around their necks and have them announce it for you.

You can even have you two faded in the background, if you’re good with a camera. People will see your face more often than they care to mention in the next few months, so shake things up with your pet instead.

Best Way to Announce the Engagement?

These are just some of the ideas that you may want to bring up. It’s easy to spend days planning how you are going to make the big announcement. On the other hand, this shouldn’t be something that dominates your life. Settle on one great idea and then take it all the way to the end.

Remember that the most important part of the engagement is you and you alone. People are excited because of you not because of the way you announced it.

How are you going to announce your engagement today?
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