4 Reasons Why It's a Good Idea to Become a Nurse

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You've probably heard that nurses are always in high demand and that becoming a nurse is a great career choice because it pays great and there are hospitals in every city. Those are the obvious advantages of becoming a nurse, but beyond that there are some additional perks worth mentioning. Aside from the money aspect of it, there's so much to be gained from the experience of caring for patients and meeting new people every day. It's a very social job and has its challenges, but many nurses go on to enjoy their careers for many years. With that said, here are four reasons why you might want to consider becoming a nurse:

 1. After You Land Your First Nursing Job, You're Probably Not Going to Be Unemployed

While it might take a new grad some effort and a few months of searching and traveling to land their first nursing job, once you've landed that first gig and gained a year or two of experience, you'll be among a group of professionals who enjoy a 2% unemployment rate. Someone who has a master of science in nursing and more than 2 years of experience in nursing is virtually guaranteed to be employed in most areas. Even if you have to relocate, you have the security of knowing that your career is going to pay off once you've gained the initial experience. 

 2. The Starting Pay is Great 

Registered nurses are paid an average of $27/hour, with most starting rates being somewhere around $20/per hour. Plug that number into a 40-hour work week and you're looking at about $3200 per month from the very beginning, and it only goes up from there. Plus, overtime pay earns you as much as $57 per hour, and once you advance to the higher paying positions you could be making as much as $38/hour as your regular wage. 

 3. It's an Easily Attainable Entry into the Medical Field 

With a 2-year program you can be starting your career within 2-3 years from your first day of schooling. Even if you opt for the 4-year program you'll have a very high chance of being hired, as the demand is only increasing and a stronger degree will make you a more appealing job candidate. The point is, once your foot is in the door you're almost guaranteed access to a steady, good paying job. 

4. Employment Benefits

Finally, let's not forget the medical, dental, and retirement benefits that you'll get when working in the healthcare industry. There's not much to say about this other than you'll be getting better benefits than you would at a fast food joint or other non-degree having job. 

The Knowledge of a Nurse

Finally, an extra advantage that you'll have after becoming a nurse is that you'll know everything a nurse knows – like how to treat wounds and ailments at home. If you ask anybody who has been a nurse for more than a few years, they can probably tell you of at least several occasion when their professional skills came in handy outside of the workplace.

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