Difficulties of a Working Mom

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Working while being a mom is extremely challenging, this is a truth that we all have to face. It takes a lot of effort and hard work raising kids. Doing this while earning a living and trying to help with the expenses in the household is another story. It really takes a lot of planning and support to be able to manage a household and work for a living.

Here are some of the common difficulties in life working moms can relate too.

Your mind is usually located in two or more places at a time.

Even while diligently working at the office, most moms would always have a part of their mind thinking about what the kids are doing at school, what to have for dinner, how high the laundry bin is already is and what to cook for the weekend for her in laws. Working moms are not worriers, but that does not mean that they do not constantly think about home and the kids. Every working mom can relate to you when you start browsing for a really nice recipe online during your break time even with a deadline report to submit.

Running a few minutes late several times of the week

No matter how moms try to create a routine for the household every morning to be able to avoid being late at work or the kids at school, there will always be that time of the week when your child would really throw a fight over wearing a dirty pants over the clothes that you prepared for them the night before, or a day wherein you just can’t find where your toddler hid you eye glasses.

Nothing goes as planned

There is always an unanticipated happening at home that affects moms in leaving on time for work or for a weekend activity with the kids. Even if moms would already give an extra 45 minutes ahead to ensure that a scheduled activity pushes through, something will always come up.

It is never a convenient time

A mom’s day is already pre-scheduled. Those extra minutes that you require may affect their whole schedule so treat their time with respect. Every minute counts most especially if they need to pick a sick kid at school, immediately call a nanny available to cover up for her while at work. Even weekends are spent in too many activities that they cannot attend to during the weekdays.

Being a working mom can really be chaotic to one’s schedule most of the time. But no matter how chaotic it can get, the fruits of her efforts coming from the love and appreciation of her family is endless.
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