Serving Gelato Outdoors: Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When a caterer wants to serve gelato at an outdoor venue, they need to prepare with specialized equipment to make sure this type of dessert remains frozen. It is possible to use large amounts of ice to keep the containers of gelato from melting, but instead of placing the frozen dessert directly on top of the ice (which is unsanitary), have metal gelato pan liners available. With this method, the containers remain colder, and an employee serving the gelato is not going to drip the dessert onto the ice.

Protect Serving Containers and Utensils

When gelato is served outside, if the sun is too hot, then it can damage the gelato cups and spoonsWhen a manager is ordering dishes and utensils, they must make sure to request items that are dispensed from containers that will protect the items from the heat. Have lids available for the large containers of gelato to protect the dessert from insects, and offer small lids to customers who want to cover a gelato purchase.

Order Customized Gelato Serving Supplies

Gelato suppliers offer a wide assortment of items required for serving frozen desserts outside. Ordering beautiful serving containers and utensils can attract customers to a business that is serving frozen desserts on a hot day. A restaurant can brand its business by using particular colors or designs on its utensils, napkins and containers, and it is possible to have supplies customized with logos or a business’s name.

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