Why Moms Would Make Great Nurses

Monday, September 19, 2016

Are you a mom who stayed home with the kids while they were little but now the youngest has gone off to school, leaving you with altogether too much time on your hands? You may be thinking about re-entering the workforce but since you opted to stay home and raise the kids you really don’t have a vocation, a career other than just being ‘mom.’ If you don’t have a career in mind because you’ve always been mom, have you considered nursing? Mothers make wonderful nurses because they already have many of the skills necessary to do the job, and do it well. In fact, if you aren’t quite ready to work or study outside the household, you could even take an online nursing program and still be at home when the kids come home from school in the afternoons and when they are off for the holidays!

Some Skills Are Learned on the Job – Some in School!

When you are studying for an online nursing degree you will quickly discover that you already have many of the skills necessary. Yes, you will need to learn the science behind nursing and the practical applications necessary to do the job well such as how to give IV needles and how to assess a patient to see if he or she is responding well to treatment. But there are some skills you have already learned from being a mom!

Excellent Communications Skills

Mothers quickly learn to ‘hear’ what kids are saying long before they learn how to talk. When their diaper needs to be changed or they are hungry, it only takes a while to learn their nonverbal messages. This is a skill that is vital to being a nurse.

Being Well Organized

You cannot be a nurse if you have no organizational skills. Nurses need to get things done in an organized manner or their patients suffer for it. Meds need to be given on time to one patient while the one in the next room needs to be prepped to leave the hospital in just a few minutes. That takes major organizational skills.


If you ever have plans of becoming an RN, then you need to be a leader. You will have others working under you such as an LPN / LVN and an assortment of floor secretaries (if working in a hospital setting) as well as CNAs and other staff members who are on the team for patients in your care. You need to be able to do all of the above to be an effective leader but being a leader means knowing how to put all this together into one tidy package!

Why not go into nursing if you are thinking of entering or re-entering the workforce? You would make a perfect nurse because you already have many of the skills necessary and you now have the time on your hands to learn the rest. Nurses typically work three long days with four off so the schedule would be perfect for a mom with kids at home. Take the time to seriously consider being a nurse. After all, you’d be perfect at the job!
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