Choosing the Right College for Your High School Graduate

Friday, October 21, 2016

Many parents save for years and years to have funds for when their children reach an age where they will need to attend college. These parents play an active role in helping their children choose the right college for them as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses academically. When it comes time for your son or daughter to begin thinking about college, here are some things you may want to consider. These things may not only be important in your son or daughter’s college of choice, but also in how they wish to get their degree.

Don’t Wait Until Senior Year

One thing that many students just don’t get, even though their high school advisors and parents try drilling it into their heads, is that you cannot wait until your senior year to start thinking about which college you want to attend. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily it is because there are few spots open at the upper levels and if your grades, attendance, citizenship, ability to work with a team and other factors aren’t in place, you can forget about getting into a really great school. However, there are workarounds which will be discussed later. For now, just work hard to keep your GPA high, your attendance perfect and join as many extracurricular activities as you are comfortable with. And by all means, ace those SATs and PSATs.

Alternatives for Those Who Waited Too Long

Just a generation ago this option probably wouldn’t have been available to you, but if you’ve waited too long to decide on a college or you were rejected for one reason or another, have you considered studying online? More and more universities are offering online degree programs from undergrad all the way up through online doctor of education in higher education leadership degree programs. It is actually possible to start in your freshmen year in college and go all the way through to your doctorate and your higher education leadership degree, without ever having stepped foot in a traditional classroom. Whether seeking an online doctor of education or simply looking to complete a bachelors in liberal studies, you really can do it all online so not getting accepted is not the end of the world.

Plan Early, Work Hard and Keep Your Grades High

Parents. You are trying to help your children prepare for college and in your eyes that means going off to university, living in dorms, carousing on weekends and calling home every other day for more funds because you’ve run short. That may have been further education in your day, but the times have changed. Now students have greater options than ever before and if you feel your funds are limited or your child wouldn’t be a good match for a traditional classroom setting, why not help him or her prepare for distance learning? They could stay at home, live in an apartment, work full time or do whatever they need because online education is flexible. Just know that this is an option.
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