How to Raise God fearing and respectful son

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I know it's been a while since I wrote my last blog post and yes, I totally miss writing and giving some tips or just letting out what's on my mind.  I have been too much way busy this past few months with work and now i'm starting my luck in law school and it will be a long way to go.  I am planning to share my thoughts about it but i guess it would be appropriate in a new post.  

Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on how to raise God fearing and respectful son.  We all know that this techie world makes children very different from what we used to be.  They are more aggressive and assertive too and always on the look out for new thoughts and ideas.  

So, how can we raise God fearing and respectful son? 

One way is to encourage them to get closer to God, teach them how to pray and thanks for all the things that is happening in their lives.  Pray with them before going to sleep and thank the Lord for a new morning. 

Teach them the magic words,  "Please", Thank You", Sorry" , this are just some of the words that will guide them through their lives. 

Let them know that respecting elders will not just make them a good child but also likable. 

Most of all, do respectful things, demonstrate how to be respectful.  There's a saying if you want to earn respect you must give it first. If you want your children to learn how to fear god and be respectful, you as a parent must be the first to show them. 

If they are having hard time on following your steps. Never give up on them, sooner or later, they will learn from your examples. 

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