5 Fashion Tips for Professional Women

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

How you dress says volumes about your identity and position at the workplace. It also gives your colleagues cues on how to relate with you. This is why powerful individuals never show up to work disheveled. Instead, seek to always look professional with the following fashion tips.

1. Maintain an Impeccable Look
According to a recent study by Opinium Research, women spend a week every year in front of the mirror grooming. Like it or not, maintaining an impeccable look is hard work. It takes consistent grooming and attention to detail. To cut down on your prep time, choose functional and low maintenance styles instead. Also, prioritize on important grooming tasks first. If possible, create an efficient grooming ritual as well.
2. Have a Distinct Style
In her book about Michelle Obama, Kate Bett says that the First Lady combines style and substance. For instance, the FLOTUS wears sleeveless dresses instead of a suit. To Bett, this gives her a distinct identity that signifies her powerful position.

Like Michelle Obama, every powerful woman in history has had a signature look. It speaks of reliability and dependability. And, it also has the advantage of being time saving and less fussy. So, it might serve you well to have one, too.
3. Use Makeup Strategically
How a woman uses makeup influences how both men and women perceive her. This is according to a study by Kirsten Dellinger and Christine Williams on the use of makeup at work. The study found that a "natural" look appealed to people the most. In contrast, they frowned upon exaggerated or dramatic uses of makeup.
You can still achieve this natural look by the strategic use of makeup. For starters, use mascara sparingly and a little shadow. A dab of matte bronze on your cheeks is also good for a glowing look. Finish off with lipstick or lip gloss.
4. Buy Quality Clothes
When buying additions to your wardrobe, you should focus on quality and not quantity. Note that buying quality pieces is as an investment that will outlive any fashion trend. So, be keen on the quality of fabrics and workmanship when buying. But, having a quality piece is just the start: you must also take care of it if it is to last.

5. Dress for Your Desired Position
To establish yourself at the workplace, go for a formal dressing code. However, some of the top careers for MBA grads at the moment do not require a professional dress code. Corporate culture has changed greatly over the last few years, thanks to new tech start-ups that enforce a more relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for careers with an MBA, it’s important to understand the corporate climate in your area or in the field you’re interested in. This will allow you to dress appropriately and fit within the company’s philosophy.
Although remaining professional yet elegant requires effort, it is not that difficult. First, be consistent in your grooming to maintain an impeccable look. Next, have a signature look and use makeup strategically. Finally, invest in a quality wardrobe so that you can dress up to your desired position, rather than the one you currently have.

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