Get Fit Like a Celebrity This Summer

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Most normal beings like us sees celebrities as Gods and Goddesses. They can practically eat anything, party all night and still manage to look great. Anyone would love to have a slim waist like that of Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner or have muscles as big and tough as that of The Rock.
Although living far from the spot light, even people like us can get fit and achieve the physique that we dream of in style and the “celebrity way.”  You do not have to hire the most sought after trainers to get the celebrity body that you love or to have Instagram-worthy work-out clips. Follow these advices and you’ll be able to train and be fit the celebrity way.
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Daily Hikes
Getting outside and enjoying the sun with all its scorching glory can help you get fit and achieve Pin-worthy work-out selfies. You just need to find a good spot in your area, wear your latest hiking gear and bring a nice camera. Have these goals in mind – sweat, enjoy and save memories. Invite friends and bring a nice camera to enjoy your hike as you all try to achieve beautiful bodies like Taylor Swift’s squad.\
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Dance, Dance, Dance
Dancing does not only help in keeping of the pounds but can also make your limbs longer and stronger. Before you start complaining of having two left-feet, imagine the number of dancing classes you could try or haven’t heard off. Modern dancing seems to be too critical for someone who doesn’t dance, however, you can still opt for other types of dance classes like pole dancing, belly dancing, ball room or even ballet. Slay with your dance moves and take advantage of the dance studio’s perfect lighting for souvenir photos perfect for your social media accounts.

Enroll in a swimming program even if you already know how to swim. You can always improve your moves underwater or beat your old record in 100-m free style. To make things exciting, enrolling in swimming lessons that includes a mermaid tail would be equally fun, would help you shed pounds and ups the ante of your celebrity inspired weight-loss activities.
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