You Can Restore Fire Damage

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Although fire in your home or business can be a traumatic experience, it is possible in many cases to restore some or all of the area that was affected by the blaze.

What can make things tricky is that there is also often water damage that comes alongside the fire damage because the fire department may have used hoses to put the blaze out.  

If you find yourself in this situation, contacting trusted fire restoration contractors like DKI can make the cleanup task much easier.  They arrive onsite within a couple of hours and can start putting restoration estimates together immediately.

Here are some details on how you can manage your fire restoration:

Immediately after the blaze:

Although you are likely focused on ensuring that your home or business is not a complete loss, once the fire department has finished fighting the blaze and has determined that the structure is salvageable, it is a good idea to contact a restoration contractor.

They can arrive onsite and start working on an estimate for restoration.

After the estimate is done:

In most cases, alongside the fire and water damage, there will be smoke and some cosmetic damage that has been done to areas that were not completely scorched.  If your dining room was destroyed, but the rest of your home was saved, the approaches to your dining room may have damage and there will be smoke throughout your home.

The contractor's estimate should include everything that is necessary for your home to be restored to its pre-fire condition with regards to smoke and odor removal, structural repair, and content replacement.  At this point, you will likely appreciate having a contractor that is in tune with your insurance company so that they end up on the same page and your claim is approved.

Once the work starts:

After you agree to do the work and your insurance company backs you, you will have choices to make regarding the replacement of furniture and other items that were destroyed.  In the meantime, the contractor will be hard at work, putting your home back in pristine condition.  When it comes to oversight, a good contractor will help you by answering any questions and showing you why something that is done the way it is done is a superior process or method of getting results.

Although many homeowners never experience a fire, when you do, it can seem to be a daunting task to put things back together.  By finding a solid contractor and working on an insurance-backed timetable that shortens the time that you will have to be inconvenienced, you will get your life back sooner.
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