Fashionable zipper ties

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

You may think that some things just cannot be improved upon, they are what they are and their design and function are pretty much set in stone. Obviously, if you think that, then you have never heard of the zipper tie for men. 

A zipper tie? You may ask. Indeed, they are a "thing" and they come in all sorts of designs and lengths, including extra long zipper ties. But why would one want a zipper tie instead of an ordinary necktie? Here are just a few examples of their benefits.

1. Face it, when you are in a hurry, tying a necktie can be a frustrating pain. There is nothing worse than stressfully fumbling around trying to get the darn thing straight. By wearing a zipper necktie, all you have to do is just that- zip!

2. Sometimes it seems like life is working against you and the tie will just not cooperate. Whether it is the knot looking unkempt or just not professional, sometimes the necktie just seems to be more trouble than it is worth. But you cannot give up on the meeting you are going to requires a nice looking tie around every man's neck. It is in these circumstances that a zipper tie will do the trick and get the job done.

3. There are some instances in life when the time is of the essence. Whether that be an important meeting, a romantic date, or even a scheduled family get-together, sometimes time can get away from us and we are left grasping for solutions. One of the greatest time-saving solutions for men is the incredible zipper necktie. 

As you can see, there are many real-life reasons why a zipper necktie is the best solution in many cases. While you may never have heard of it before, they are here to stay!

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