3 Home Improvement Projects You Can Easily Do With Your Kids

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Are you looking to improve some aspects of your home and keep your kids busy at the same time? Look no further than some fun and easy do-it-yourself projects to accomplish both goals at once. There are plenty of things you and your kids can do together to freshen up the look of your home. However, there are some obvious home projects you shouldn’t attempt on your own, let alone with your children. Tearing down walls and fixing electrical issues can be tricky. Especially if you live in Texas, consider hiring out those home improvement projects League City to a licensed professional.

Amp Up Your Greenery

One easy way to upgrade your back yard is to add interest with gardens. Although it’s fairly straightforward, you’ll probably want to handle the power tools and build the structure yourself. Have your kids help you by painting pictures or gluing decorations onto the wooden beds and then choosing which types of flowers or vegetables they’d like to plant. The real fun begins when you can all get your hands dirty. The best part about this weekend DIY project? It’ll keep your kids busy all summer long because they’ll be on full-time watering and weeding duty.

Swap Out Your Hardware

Changing the drawer and cabinet pulls in your kitchen or bathroom can give your home an instant upgrade. Take your kids with you to the home improvement store (bonus points if you all visit an antique store together!) so that they feel they can weigh in on the hardware selection process. Swapping hardware is a quick and easy fix that won’t cost you much, and the only tool you really need is a screwdriver.

Lighten Up Your Front Entrance

Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than a cheerful, brightly-decorated front porch. Allow your children to look through paint samples and weigh in on color choices for revamping the front door. Painting is easy once you’ve removed the fixtures and taped off any windows. Buy a grapevine frame and some faux flowers to make a wreath that tops off your project. Then, invest in a few pots and continue the planting you started in your backyard garden. Use the remaining potting soil and bring your front porch to life with some vibrant flower arrangements.
Fixing up a home is an intensely personal process, so involve family members in the work and the decisions. No matter which of these three project ideas you choose, you and your kids can be collaborating on home improvement projects in no time at all.
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