3 Tips for Long-Distance Family Members

Saturday, July 13, 2019

When family members are scattered across the country or even the world, it can be difficult to feel connected. So, what can you do to keep the family bonds tightly knit when you have nieces and nephews growing up far away? Here are a few tips for long-distance family members to stay involved from afar.


Life often seems to move at light speed, but that doesn't mean that you should let go of the reasons you have to celebrate in your family. When you don't have the funds to hop on a plane for every birthday or holiday, you might feel a little out of the loop. Close the gap by finding ways to celebrate with your family from afar. Send gender neutral baby gifts to the family of a new niece or nephew, or send care packages in the mail to a family member who's away at college. Encourage your family to share videos of important events like recitals and soccer games to stay involved in what matters most to your loved ones, and the next family reunion will feel like you've been together the whole time. 

Stay in Touch

Whether you're a fan of handwritten snail mail or you're an avid social media user, find a way to stay in touch, even for the seemingly mundane things. With so many social media apps dedicated towards minimizing the impact of geographical distance, you can certainly find a way to stay up to date on what's happening with the fam. Besides, you never know the impact of a well-timed phone call with a loved one.

Spend Time When You Can

The number one thing to do to stay connected with family members is to carve out time when you can. Even if you're half a world away from a loved one, there's always a way to find time for a reunion or a family holiday. By prioritizing family time during the small periods you do have together, you can work to ensure that the time spent together is positive. Distance may help the heart grow fonder, but only when close contact is a good memory to reflect on when you're gone. 
However you choose to stay in contact with your family, it will be worth it. Whether your family is family by blood or by choice, keeping those family bonds strong will be what makes the hard times easier and the good times worth living.

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