Visit to the Pharmacy

With nine days of no electricity, there are days that I am not really myself and as much as I wanted to do my online obligations, i could not find a way to get an internet shop that is available to do my tasks. 

But will definitely find a way to pour out my thoughts when our electricity and internet is available. Meanwhile, i'm, browsing this EntirelyPets Pharmacy which reminds me the sad looking stray cat i just saw a while ago.

With the recent typhoon, one could just imagine how they cope with this since every human are so busy to took care of their own needs and they were there in the middle of nowhere finding a place to hide and keep them warm.

Nonetheless, i'm still happy that this recent calamity does not affect too many lives and we are still in our feet safe and sound.  


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Choosing The Right HVAC Service Company

Choosing HVAC companies like Logan Services Inc. is a function of considering everything that an air conditioning and furnace repair service should do. There are many ways the service company helps each homeowner, but the homeowner must take advantage of every single service that they can get.

Quick Repairs

HVAC service companies offer quick repairs of units when they break down. The times when the air stops flowing can be a terrifying experience for the homeowner. These repairs must be done as quickly as possible to make sure the family is not freezing or burning up. The technicians who arrive at the house will have all the necessary tools and parts to handle these jobs. The customer does not have to wait to get their system fixed, and they will be in the house explaining every aspect of the repair. 

Service Appointments

Regular service appointments are healthy for every central air system, and it is best for the family to ask the company to visit in regular intervals. The best way to make sure the heat or air is working before the next temperature change happens is with these appointments. The service technicians will check every part of the system to make sure they are working. These appointments can solve very small problems before they become much larger problems. Also, these appointments can help the homeowner know how much life is left in their system. Honest technicians will tell customers how long it will be before their unit must be replaced.


Replacing the units in the house is a job that should be left only to licensed professionals. The professionals will remove the old unit and haul it away. The HVAC company knows how to dispose of these units safely. Also, the HVAC company has a vehicle large enough to haul away the old unit. The company also measures the house to make sure they sell and install the right unit.

The best HVAC services help homeowners remain comfortable in their homes. Each service listed above makes it easy for the homeowner to keep their central air system in good repair.


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Top Ten Best Children’s Books

Curling up with a child and reading a great children’s book is a very satisfying experience. Writing a good children’s book is harder than it may seem. The book must be succinct and simple enough for a child to understand, while at the same time being creative enough to capture her imagination and attention.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”
The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” written and illustrated by Eric Carle, is one the all-time classic children’s books. It tells the story of caterpillar that eats his way through the week and the book itself starting with an apple on Monday. At the book’s conclusion he turns into a beautiful butterfly.

“Where the Wild Things Are”
First published fifty years ago, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak is a children’s book no home library should be without. It was awarded the Caldecott Medal, the most distinguished prize in Children’s literature, in 1964. It has since been made into a movie and an opera.

“Good Night Good Night Construction Site”

“Good Night Good Night Construction Site” is a wonderful rhyming tale about what happens to all the trucks at a construction site at the end of the day when it is time to go to sleep. Sherry Dusky Rinker is the author and Tom Lichtenheld illustrated the book.

“Dear Zoo”
“Dear Zoo,” written and illustrated by Rod Campbell, tells the story of a child looking for just the right pet. It is a very engaging book for children as they can lift a flap, or door, on each page to fully view the prospective pets.

“Llama Llama Red Pajama”
Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney, this book is one of a number of the “Llama Llama” rhyming books. It tells the story of a llama who becomes scared after being tucked into bed and the lights are out.   

“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”
Written by Dr. Martin Jr., an elementary school principal, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” is lively story that incorporates the letters of the alphabet.

“Olivia” is one of the many delightful stories Ian Falconer has written and illustrated about the adventures of Olivia the pig.

“The Polar Express”
“The Polar Express,” written by Chris Van Allsberg, is a Christmas classic that won the 1986 Caldecott.
It was made into a movie in 2004 starring Tom Hanks.

“Tallulah’s Tutu”
Tallulah’s Tutu tells the story of little girl who wants more than anything to wear a tutu to ballet class, but she must achieve a certain level of proficiency before being able to do so. Author Marilyn Singer’s well-written text accompanied by Alexandra Boigner’s colorful illustrations make this book a pleasure.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go”
Theodore Seuss Geissel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss, is one of the most prolific children’s book authors of all time. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is one of his many wonderful books. It is just as relevant for young children as it is for high school and college graduates; anyone who is starting a new adventure in life will enjoy “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.”

MelandriaFrom a hungry caterpillar to a classic penned by one of masters of children’s literature these ten children’s books will delight children and adults alike.

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Empathy and Compassion

It may sound different but there are not many people in the world that shares the same feelings of empathy and compassion to others. Having to hear everyday the challenges of victims and those with conflicts with the law, you can't help not to recognize that strong emotions that pours out from them. 

Sharing another feelings can sometimes hurt you in a form that your heart could ache as if your experiencing the pain the other people are dealing with. It's like watching a movie or a television drama wherein you can feel the emotions of the character and the adrenaline rushes through your veins signaling your heart and mind to have the same feelings which eventually make us burst into tears. 

Compassion on the other hand can make a big difference on our whole being, being able to give empathy and compassion is a work in progress , it's a virtue to begin with. Before you can give compassion to anyone, you need to start on yourself, self-compassion is very important.  Showing concern to your entire whole being is very important to fully understand yourself, your role, your dreams.  It can also helps you to have a better mental health and improve your life for the better. 

When you start to learn self compassion, you can deal with failures and problems in a lighter tone and if you make it a habit, it is more likely to achieve a happy life.  Care for yourself among others, it helps you to be a better person. 

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Get a Masteral degree on counseling

If you're thinking of furthering your education in the counseling field, you may be wondering what kind of coursework to expect in a master's program in counseling. Every school has its own specific requirements based on the kind of program and concentration you choose. However, the broad course base is often very similar among programs. Here is an overview of what you'll study in a master's of counseling program. 

Core Curriculum

A master's degree in counseling will prepare you to work with people in a variety of ways and in all kinds of settings. Whether you're hoping to work in a school, nonprofit agency, clinical setting or other organization, a master's degree in counseling will prepare you to utilize the key practices and theories in a hands-on and practical way. Many programs, like WFU's counseling degree, focus on these key areas: 

• Appraisal Procedures
• Career and Lifestyle Development
• Group Work and Helping Relationships
• Human Growth and Development
• Research and Program Evaluation
• Social and Cultural Evaluations

This makes up the core curriculum that will prepare you to communicate effectively with clients from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. You'll also learn effective assessment, evaluation and counseling techniques to help you guide people toward their desired goals. 


Often, a master's program will have two or more specializations from which to choose, such as School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The School Counseling program will prepare you to counsel students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will teach you the skills to work one-on-one and with groups to address problematic psychosocial issues and to implement change. Graduates of this program could be hired to work in a number of settings including hospitals, treatment centers, private practice and behavioral health care facilities. 

Meeting Goals

The directors of counseling programs want to help you reach your academic and professional goals through quality education based on the motto of serving humanity. In a master's of counseling program, you'll study a core curriculum that addresses everything from assessment and evaluation to guiding developmental theories. Your education will occur under the umbrella of the goal to serve humanity while working toward a purposeful life.


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