Five Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel does not have to be as stressful or disrupt your family’s life as you may think. Before you begin your bespoke kitchen design By Mike Taylor, consider how you can make do with less and set your home up for less stress during the remodel. While a remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to half a year to finish, you don't have to do without a kitchen in the meantime, nor do you need to budget for costly dining out during the kitchen remodel. Here are five survival tips, including setting up a new kitchen area while you are remodelling, for a nearly stress-free event.

Stick to a Loose Budget
Remember that changes in design can happen, as can unexpected expenses. Take your intended budget and expect it to be about 50% more than that. You may find that halfway through the remodel you have changed your mind about certain features, or that the lovely tile back-splash you chose has been discontinued. These things happen, prepare yourself and your budget for the inevitable and you will be less stressed when it does happen. Remember to be flexible, the end result will be worth it.

Mistakes Do Happen
Designing your own house or just your own kitchen can mean you have a set idea about how it will turn out. Plans will not go perfectly from beginning to end, so be aware that contractors make mistakes, deliveries may not be on time, or the right products might not be delivered. Expect the unexpected to happen and rejoice when it does go to plan instead of stressing when it doesn't. A general contractor can make sure that as few of these mistakes happen as possible, but he only has so much control over the matter too. Don't sign off on the project or pay the bill until all the mistakes have been corrected either.

Expect a Mess
Sure, plastic sheeting over doors leading to the rest of the house will help, but dust has a way of going around that too. Expect a mess, expect paint over spray or accidental spills, especially early on. Even the tidiest contractors and crew are still human and things still happen. It can be difficult to live with a bit of dust for three months or find out you need to replace an entryway carpet, but if you let this stress you, you will miss out on the joy of the project, getting to see your masterpiece come together. Prepare yourself mentally in advance for little things to happen, and learn that you can handle it as it too will pass.

Expect Delays
As much as your contractor will try to get it all done on time, it is not likely to happen. Things rarely happen perfectly on schedule and sometimes this is not even the contractor’s fault. Whatever time frame you expected to begin with, at least double that. This way, if it takes less time you can be pleasantly surprised.

Set up A Kitchen
You don't have to go back to dorm-room hot late cooking, but you can utilize another part of your home for a makeshift kitchen area and save your family a lot of eating out. Look for fresh or frozen foods that can easily be cooked in a toaster oven, crock-pot, microwave, or eaten right out of the refrigerator. Look for ways to minimize on dishes too. You don't need to take stock in paper plates, but you don't need to expect a sink full of dishes in the bathroom every night either. Plan simple meals that require little or no prep and use as many fresh ingredients as possible, like boxed salads and precooked rice.

Check out these 10 survival tips to get you through the process and remember that a kitchen remodel is worth the challenge and the stress can be minimized with the right attitudes and expectations. You can make it through a kitchen remodel relatively stress free, if you prepare mentally for the challenge ahead of time.

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Wedding Trends for 2015

The year 2014 is almost over and we have definitely seen a lot of uniqueness and personal touches in the weddings that have been celebrated this year.

So what up with the wedding trends for 2015?

Color is definitely still in. The traditional white wedding dress is definitely a classic staple but we are getting to see a lot of colors being injected to the wedding scene. This past year, brides maid are leaning into bright colors like red and magenta. Some even went far and opted for black ensembles. We will be seeing a lot of these trends in the coming 2015. Some will be seen here, , they are cool and elegant.

Vintage is back. Classic wedding dresses are still a favorite for weddings this year and the coming year so far. There is such a redeeming appeal in seeing yourself in a 1940’s wedding gown with hair and make- up inspired from this era as well. Men suits are also leaning into the vintage look creating that majestic and almost fairy tale like feeling for weddings.
Flower power, citrus fruits and sparkling embellishments are still in for 2015. We have seen flower arrangements and bouquets. Wedding coordinators and events specialists are adding up spice and sizzle in the decorations in the church as well as the wedding receptions. Bouquets are not stuck with the traditional rose or white type flowers. We are now seeing crystal being placed into the wedding bouquet as well as citrus fruits. Wild flowers with vibrant flowers are also so in for the coming 2015. Mother Dresses of Wedding on Weddingshe will make every mother of the bride fabulous.

We are definitely going to see a lot of weddings in 2015 leaning into the more personalized inspired wedding themes, Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2015 will surely rock. Sexy Mother of the Bride Dresses are definitely worth talking. We are going to see a lot of color and personality in the wedding gown, hair style, wedding decorations as well as the wedding traditions being celebrated during the reception after the ceremony. Production numbers complimentary of the bride and groom are still so in this coming 2015!

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Care to look

It's been a while since I last updated this site and yes, I'm guilty of procrastinating and being busy is what I always says. But yes, there are days that I'm indeed busy but most of the time, I'm too stressed out on my daily routine that even my mind is full of thoughts, i could not let it flow and type since my hands are already tired after a days work. 

MelandriaRecently, me and my daughter is walking in the city and we went inside this music store since she saw an organ, while looking at the organ, something caught my attention, this tenor sax neck strap reminds me of my school days.  I remember, a friend always needs to buy a new neck strap since she always breaks the strap. I missed being in school , perhaps next year I'm determined to study again and fulfill my plans. Blogging is not as stable as before and there are days that I'm just really to tired to write. 

If things goes as planned, i will study again and pursue a new career. Hopefully, in time all things will happen. 

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Shopping for Christmas

You might have read it many times but yes, i do love shopping especially if it's for free but sometimes the problem with online shopping is the fact that you need for the shipping fee which sometimes cost too much especially if the items are bulky or in big quantity. So make sure to grab the opportunity of holiday shopping since some stores offer Free Shipping for any items you get from the site with or with minimum orders. 

So, if you love online shopping but dreaded the huge shipping fees, make sure to grab holiday sales with included shipping for your order.  On that way, you get to save time and money. 


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Technology That Has Made Travel More Convenient and Comfortable

Travel has certainly come a long way, whether you look at planes, trains, or automobiles. And technology has played a huge role in making travel not only more fuel efficient and fast, but also more convenient and comfortable for people all over the world. Are you interested in knowing about some of the many ways that technology has directly affected travel in positive ways? Then continue reading to learn more.

Airline Seats That are More Comfortable Than Ever
Airline seats used to be uncomfortable, and keeping yourself occupied was a chore. Today, though, airlines focus on customer comfort, and they have made many upgrades to the way people fly, even in coach. So for those who can't afford a private jet charter, which you can learn more about by visiting this site, rest assured that flying is not as bad as it used to be. Today's economy class seats feature more legroom and more comfortable seating overall, along with access to Wi-Fi that will allow you to stay connected even while high up in the air, whether you need to get work done or you simply want to keep in touch with your loved ones on the ground. You can also enjoy listening to music and watching movies while en route to your destination.

High-Speed Trains
High-speed trains allow you to travel to your destination in record time. But the best part is you get to do it in style and comfort. For example, you can relax in what's referred to as Comfort Class, which isn't much more expensive than Economy Class, so you can indulge guilt-free without breaking your budget.

In Comfort Class, there are fewer seats and fewer people, so it isn't only quieter, but also more spacious. Overnight trips provide sleeping compartments. Plus, today's best trains also provide comfortable dining, audio-visual systems for entertainment, and more.

Extravagant Cruise Lines
Today's cruise lines are equipped with towers that will provide cellular service so you can stay connected even while you're out at sea. As one of the most popular ways to travel and see multiple places in a short amount of time, cruising provides guests with delicious meals in fine dining areas, entertainment that ranges from movies in theatres to ice skating performances, and bars and clubs that showcase live musicians and dancing. All of these extras are now possible thanks to the advancements in shipbuilding and the addition of technology.

Travelling Comfortably in Your Car
Today's modern vehicles are also more comfortable than ever, and they come with built-in navigation systems, satellite radio, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. This means you can enjoy entertainment, stay on top of the news, and prevent getting lost. Plus, climate control that varies between different parts of the interior of the car ensures everyone’s comfort.

No matter where you're travelling, you can find a comfortable way of getting there, all while staying connected to the ones you love along the way and after you arrive, thanks to today's technological advancements that have made seeing the world easier than ever.

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