Be the Queen Prom

Prom night celebrated during the most romantic month of the year is exciting and yet can be very stressful at times. February is the love month and topping up an activity that will happen only twice in your secondary life, that will match the expectations and the romantic vibe of the month can be quite very crucial to achieve. Worry no more and follow some of the tips you can follow when whipping out a perfect prom attire that can make you the prom queen.
  1. Be sun-kissed and enjoy a Strawberry Ice affair. The year 2015 showed a lot of bold colors like red for brides  but this year, 2015, a more subdued and relax tone of red will definitely be a great idea for a prom date on the love month. Strawberry Ice would definitely live up to that romantic and February love spirit.
  2. Find accessories that matches your over look. Try finding a kiss necklace or perhaps a lovely rose watch to matches your beautiful strawberry ice dress.
  3. Go for cool,  cheap prom at weddingshe dress that will not make your mother fall into the ground upon hearing how much would it cost for you to wear such dress.
  4. Make sure to choose eye catching colors and make your hair simple and not so fancy as to highlight your dress.
  5. Make sure to wear a pretty smile the whole night through.
  6. And don't forget to remember what your parents often tell you about proms and parties. Just make sure to keep it clean all the time.

Enjoy this special day minus the stress and hassles by just simple focusing on what prom night is really after all, 2015 Latest Prom Dresses can be an inspiration and Red Prom Dresses would definitely make you an instant celebrity that night and eventually grabbing the most coveted title for the event.

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Trendy wedding ideas for 2015

A new year is here and another exciting years of wedding to look forward too. Soon to be brides and grooms as well are looking forward to the latest trends in wedding themes and attires that will truly make their wedding a truly unforgettable event in their lives.

So what’s to look forward for in the year 2015 when it comes to this special event in a couple’s life? Lace, a lot of embellishments, intricate details, high necklines and color are just a few of the things we can look forward to in the coming 2015 evening dresses. can offer you great wedding designs.

Pink and blue are the colors to look forward to for 2015. Pink has already been a big favorite for the past years and is still the hottest color shade when it comes to wedding dresses. Shades can go as light or as bold as they can get. Occasion dress like that on can give you inspirations.

Details are also a favorite and a fast rising trend in the later part of 2014 and will surely be even a hit this 2015. Brides are so into that princess and regal feeling during their weddings. Being the center of attraction can be definitely achieved with a lot of glitter, dazzle and shine.

You can also expect glitter in all possible places. Glitter in the neckline, the bodice, back and even the hem of the bridal gown will surely create that grand effect for that perfect wedding dress Fabrics and lace are often the best choice when it comes to creating statement high necklines like short evening dresses 2015.

Strapless gowns are still a favorite but intricate and more creative necklines are being injected into the design of wedding dresses for that feminine and romantic look. And since vintage is back, 2015 elegant evening dresses shows more intricate lace designs, beadings and sequins are something we can all expect this 2015 when it comes to bridal fashion and long evening dresses 2015.

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Give Back the Love with SM Bears of Joy

We all love Christmas, it's the time of year that we are reunited to our love one or get a chance to have a get together with friends. We always look at Christmas as something wonderful and full of happiness but let us not forget that  the true spirit of Christmas is being thankful for all the things we have in our life right now and give back to those who are less fortunate than ours so we can share even a little happiness for them. 

SM Supermalls, one of the biggest mall in the country believe that this is the chance to give back that's why they have this advocacy of giving back the love with SM Bears of Joy. 

Here's the press release and do care to share; 

Christmas is the time of the year when everyone gets busy trying to manage all the excitement of shopping for gifts and going to the parties. 

True to most people’s experience, it is delightful to receive presents from loved ones. Amidst all the frenzy, there will be many who will seek to share their blessings to other people.

On its fourth consecutive year, SM Supermalls offers an opportunity for shoppers to give back and make another child happy, through the SM Bears of Joy charity program.

Millions of Filipino customers will once again be given a chance to buy 2 bears for the amount of P200.00, keeping one and donating the other to a less fortunate child. Each SM Supermall has partnered with an orphanage or charity institution, and all the collected bears for donation will be shared at the end of the program.

Even with endless parties and grand celebrations, there is always an opportunity to make a child happy. Every time you buy an SM Bear of Joy, you touch someone’s heart with your act of generosity and kindness.

Giving is indeed the true spirit of Christmas. Look at that beautiful bear with my own initial.  You can also get the bear for you or your friends (ooh, initial is not included upon purchase) 

The Christmas Bears of Joy is a project of SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation and the CSR arm of SM Prime Holdings Inc.  Visit Bears of Joy Booths in participating SM Supermalls near you for a chance to get your own SM Cares Bears.  The booths will run Until January 11, 2015.  To know more about SM Cares, please visit  

They are so ooh adorable and so cuddly.  I can just squeeze them on my arms and remember that I have made another child happy. 

 The bears comes in four cute designs which can also be a great gift for your children on god children. 


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Taking Your Dog on the Road

Travel is both a fun and stressful time for the whole family, most of all our four legged family members. Many dogs and household pets get stressed when they travel, however nowhere near as stressed as when they get left at home alone. The reality is our four legged family members need the same love and attention, which the two-legged members of the family do. Companionship, and time spent together is key to a healthy happy life. Hence the recent surge in popularity of services like Animal Day Care.


So with that said, how does one go about travelling with their four legged family members? What tips and tricks do the experts suggest?

Finding an Animal Friendly Hotel
The reality is, unlike dog owning families many hotels do not allow four legged family members. This means it is important to investigate before you travel and make sure you choose hotels and accommodations which will allow you to bring along all of the members of your family.

A service or community like My Pawson dog friendly hotels will allow you to choose a hotel or other accommodation which is suitable for the whole family. There are many such communities and services available on the Internet where dog lovers can share their stories and travel tips. Finding a pet friendly hotel is often one of the most difficult parts of planning to bring along a pet on vacation.

Consider Mode of Travel
Air travel is probably one of the most stressful ways to take a dog on a vacation. In some instances like crossing the ocean, it cannot be avoided, however where possible it is best to avoid taking your dog on a plane. It is both less stressful for them, and us dog owners to drive or take a train. This way the entire journey can be spent reassuring our pets.
If you must travel by air see if you can find a case or air carrier, which will allow you to bring the dog on board in a crate. This is not realistic for larger dogs, but some air carriers will allow small and medium sized dogs in the cabin so long as their carrier can fit under the seat in front of the passenger.

Should Your Dog Travel?
As an animal lover my answer is almost always yes. But sometimes it can be more stressful to the animal than being left in the care of a responsible kennel or loved one. The reality is short trips are highly stressful as the situation is constantly changing, and in the case of some dogs, they just do not travel well. In terms of this question there is not a right answer, rather it depends on the individual dog and the schedule. This article provides some insight on making this big decision.

The good news is most dogs’ travel well. And some are even excited by heading off on a trip. To keep your vacation stress free there are two things to remember; choose the lowest stress mode of transportation, and a good pet friendly hotel.


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Five Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel does not have to be as stressful or disrupt your family’s life as you may think. Before you begin your bespoke kitchen design By Mike Taylor, consider how you can make do with less and set your home up for less stress during the remodel. While a remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to half a year to finish, you don't have to do without a kitchen in the meantime, nor do you need to budget for costly dining out during the kitchen remodel. Here are five survival tips, including setting up a new kitchen area while you are remodelling, for a nearly stress-free event.

Stick to a Loose Budget
Remember that changes in design can happen, as can unexpected expenses. Take your intended budget and expect it to be about 50% more than that. You may find that halfway through the remodel you have changed your mind about certain features, or that the lovely tile back-splash you chose has been discontinued. These things happen, prepare yourself and your budget for the inevitable and you will be less stressed when it does happen. Remember to be flexible, the end result will be worth it.

Mistakes Do Happen
Designing your own house or just your own kitchen can mean you have a set idea about how it will turn out. Plans will not go perfectly from beginning to end, so be aware that contractors make mistakes, deliveries may not be on time, or the right products might not be delivered. Expect the unexpected to happen and rejoice when it does go to plan instead of stressing when it doesn't. A general contractor can make sure that as few of these mistakes happen as possible, but he only has so much control over the matter too. Don't sign off on the project or pay the bill until all the mistakes have been corrected either.

Expect a Mess
Sure, plastic sheeting over doors leading to the rest of the house will help, but dust has a way of going around that too. Expect a mess, expect paint over spray or accidental spills, especially early on. Even the tidiest contractors and crew are still human and things still happen. It can be difficult to live with a bit of dust for three months or find out you need to replace an entryway carpet, but if you let this stress you, you will miss out on the joy of the project, getting to see your masterpiece come together. Prepare yourself mentally in advance for little things to happen, and learn that you can handle it as it too will pass.

Expect Delays
As much as your contractor will try to get it all done on time, it is not likely to happen. Things rarely happen perfectly on schedule and sometimes this is not even the contractor’s fault. Whatever time frame you expected to begin with, at least double that. This way, if it takes less time you can be pleasantly surprised.

Set up A Kitchen
You don't have to go back to dorm-room hot late cooking, but you can utilize another part of your home for a makeshift kitchen area and save your family a lot of eating out. Look for fresh or frozen foods that can easily be cooked in a toaster oven, crock-pot, microwave, or eaten right out of the refrigerator. Look for ways to minimize on dishes too. You don't need to take stock in paper plates, but you don't need to expect a sink full of dishes in the bathroom every night either. Plan simple meals that require little or no prep and use as many fresh ingredients as possible, like boxed salads and precooked rice.

Check out these 10 survival tips to get you through the process and remember that a kitchen remodel is worth the challenge and the stress can be minimized with the right attitudes and expectations. You can make it through a kitchen remodel relatively stress free, if you prepare mentally for the challenge ahead of time.

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