Find Your Inner Voice

Find your Inner Voice 
Art has an amazing ability to heal, give people hope or simply give a voice to the voiceless. Whether an idea is expressed in a song, a painting or a dance, simply having the ability to express yourself can help you heal or at least begin to deal with the issues that you are facing in your own life. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Shakespeare 

You don't have to be a great artist or playwright to have a profound impact on the world around you. Simply putting a few brushstrokes on a piece of paper or molding a piece of clay can be all that you need to start finding your voice or telling your story. Over time, you may begin to develop your craft to the point where you do have something that would give Shakespeare a run for his money or have your name compared to other great artists in your generation. 

Express Yourself in Your Own Way

The best thing about art is that you can express yourself in your own way. Some of the best received art has been nothing more than splotches of red paint on a piece of paper or random colors that were thrown on a wall and then smeared around by the artist. Whether others get it or don't get it, you have created a work that says something about the world as you perceive it. That is something that no one can take away from you or criticize because no one can tell your story or make your point like you can. 

Art Can Be Cathartic 

Throwing paint at the wall, coming up with a great line in a play or singing your lungs out can help you get out your frustrations at once. It gives you a chance to tell off your boss or yell at your parents without having to do it to their face. Once you have blown off steam, you will feel better about yourself and leave some of your stress behind. Those who are looking for a place to hone their craft or are looking for experts to come teach them or others in their community can go online to find artists who are willing to do a talk or hold a class. You can find the contact section of a particular website to get in touch with an artist. Once you click here, you can start a dialogue that could lead to personal training or advice that can help you grow as an artist.

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Lent Season in the Eyes of a Mother

The lent season is one of the longest holidays celebrated in the Philippines. It is also one of the most meaningful and intimate season to Filipinos, most especially Catholics since it's the time to re-think, repent and rejoice for the gift of life of Jesus for us to regain our salvation. 

Nowadays most young individuals see this season as a time away from work. It is one of the few occasions where they get the chance to go home and be with their families, go to the beach, visit friends and simply enjoy the days away from the troubles and stress that comes with city living. 

As a mother, I see the lent season differently. Yes I do enjoy time away from work and the quality time I have for the kids especially now that they are on vacation. But most importantly, as a mother and as a Catholic, I see the lent season as a time for repentance, a time to go and reflect on the things that we did wrong in the past, a time to surrender this bad things to the Lord, and a time to heal and be one with him again. 

In life, people do make mistakes. Something inevitable and something we could hardly avoid. I guess that flaws come with being human beings. We are not perfect. We bend and we sometimes break. Lent season is the time when we realize all those mistakes and ask God for forgiveness. Something He would never deprive as of. 

The lent season is a constant reminder of how good and how forgiving our Saviour Jesus Christ is. He gave up his life to bring us to salvation. It is as simple fact we all are aware of. That is what I want to teach and instil my children with. Lent is not just an anticipated holiday season that happens to fall on summer. It is a time to remember the things God sacrificed for us. It is a time to reflect and a time to start all over again and become better people.


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Allergic Rhinitis - Take Nasoclear Nasal Spray

I have suffering from allergic rhinitis for quite sometimes and although I remember acquiring it from my late father who has a big problems with his nose, i guess their are many reasons that contributes on my allergy. 

Our nose is one of the very important parts of our body and having a heavy colds and even coughs is just to much to bear. I don't know if it's the best timing but when the product arrived I was actually suffering from heavy breathing and stuffy nose because of my cough and colds and honestly, my through is really aching probably because it's sore. 

NasoClear is another quality product of Unilab, a brand I personally trust because of it's commitment and services.  Containing sodium chloride a solution that helps dry, irritated nasal to help clear the passage. 

It's very handy and easy to use, you only need to put them on your nostril and pump it a little bit so the mixture will enter your nose.  On my first try, my colds comes dripping and the once stuffy and clogged nose is now loosen so my next problem is what they called "running nose" (LOL).  But it's a good thing though since i could easily blow it out now.

As a mother, it's very important for us to have a handy medicine that we can use when sickness like this happen.  Nasoclear is very affordable and handy so it's definitely something you can bring along wherever and whenever you needed it. 

For now, i'm still nursing this heavy cough and yes although I have drinking over the counter medicines and taking natural remedy and even drinking a lot of water, I'm still putting my trust with NasoClear to help me relieve this feeling. 


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There Are a Variety of Ways to Make Money From It

An investor has many options when it comes to making money from his or her property. For example, you could buy the house, fix it up and sell it for a quick profit. However, you could also opt to rent the property and create a passive revenue stream for yourself. As real estate can be held for as long as the owner wants, it can be a great way to keep making money during retirement. 

Homeowners and Landlords Get Many Tax Breaks

Homeowners can take a tax break for the mortgage interest that they pay as well as property taxes paid each year. Landlords can take a deduction for any money put in to improving a rental property. Landlords can also depreciate their property each year to lower the amount of tax that they owe on any income derived from rental properties. 

How Often Do You Rent Out Your Property?

Did you know that if you rent your property for less than 15 days a year, you don't have to report the income? While you don't get to take any deductions, it can be a great way to get money that you don't have to share with Uncle Sam.

If you would like to invest in real estate, you can go online for more info as to how you would go about it. Whether you want to buy commercial property or residential property, it can be a great way to make money for yourself both now and in the future.


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The Social Role of Dance Companies

Learning how to dance is not just an important personal desire, it is a physically empowering act that also connects the dancer to their overall community. This has been the goal of dance companies across the country, who have connected their learning approaches in dancing toward community outreach. Many dance studios that form in different regions or cities are able to continue a tradition by teaching specific forms of dancing and by allowing members of the community to meet and interact through art. Dance companies usually provide numerous dance classes and programs, some of which comes with certifications of completion to verify the dancer's expertise in that style of dance. Like a college program, many of the certificate programs are 2-year programs where the dancer will learn integral parts to dance routines to become an experienced and certified dancer in a particular style. Dance styles will vary on the dancing school. For example, on the website, the dancing school claims to have 250 classes in a dozen different styles. Some styles range from the contemporary to the classical. Examples include jazz, salsa, zumba, tap dancing, martial arts, hip hop, and African-based dances. Other classes are more involved in dance techniques and conditioning. An entire program is on body conditioning to help hone the muscles of the student to become accustomed to a dancing curriculum. 

At the end of the day, however, a dance company is more than just a school to learn how to dance. Dance companies invest heavily in community outreach to help bring residents of the surrounding community together and to help people artistically express themselves through dance. For example, dancing is a great form of self-expression for teenagers who are going through their transformative years. In addition, dance companies often provide scholarships to students who may not have the means to attend their programs at full-price. This helps eager, but financially stressed students complete a dance program and improve themselves without costing too much for themselves or their families. A dance company also engages in many philanthropic activities, usually participating in commercial activities, like a local chamber of commerce, and artistic associations within a city or region. Finally, dance companies provide the simple action of social interaction by students from diverse backgrounds being able to learn about dance together under one roof. 

Dance companies are integral members of an artistic and social community. Students who are interested in learning about dance are not only improving themselves physically, mentally, and artistically, but they are improving their social relations to their greater community.

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