Starting Fans At A Young Age

Parents and family want to start little babies off as fans at a young age. The family that supports and loves the Yankees needs to teach their children to love the team, as well. With baby baseball clothes, any baby can support the Bronx Bombers along with the family.


Onesies for babies are a wonderful way to support the team. These tiny pieces of clothing are easy for babies to fit into, but these onesies also come in many colors and patterns. Girls can support the Yankees in pink, but boys can support the Yankees in blue.

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A bibs is a great way for a baby to show their support for the Yanks. Bibs are used practically every day when baby is eating, and the design on the bib is something that helps to show everyone that the baby is a true fan. Parents can purchase a large set of bibs to keep the logo of the Yankees on their child every day.


Shoes are a nice way for kids to show off that they are in a Yankee family. Blue shoes for boys are often the best way for them to show their team spirit when they go to games. Little pink shoes for girls will look great with most of the clothing girls wear during the day. 

Sleep Clothes

Sleep sacks and sleep shirts are necessary for every baby, but these shirts do not have to go to waste. A sleep shirt even tells the babysitter that baby is a Yankees fan. The fan gear does not have to stop when baby is going to sleep.


A hat is still the best way for anyone to show their support for their favorite team. The Yankees cap is a traditional and time-honored tradition in baseball. The pinstriped cap has been in the Yankee family for over 100 years, and these caps look great on babies when they head out with the family.

The baby may tag along for a game or visit friends in their new fan gear, but the baby will also show that they come from a Yankees. family. Girls can wear colors that are appropriate, and boys will look great in the traditional Yankee blue.


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Three Essential Skills for a Successful Real Estate Career

All real estate agents must complete realty school and state certification tests, but that is not enough to ensure success as an agent. While you are studying the technical knowledge needed for certification, find time to brush up on the following essential soft skills. Positive Marketing Once you secure a listing, it is your job to get word of the property out to the right buyers. The more people you contact the better, but you can't rely on face-to-face introductions with every potential buyer.

Marketing allows you to reach the local community faster. Some forms of marketing play on fears and problems held by their target markets, but that is not effective in the real estate industry. Your marketing efforts should highlight the positive aspects of a property while drawing on positive buyer emotions. If you aren't confident you can write a positive advertisement that pulls a positive reaction from a viewer, improve your marketing skills while you are in realty school. Persuasive Communication Verbal and written communication skills come naturally to most successful real estate agents, but many need to work on persuasion skills. From convincing the owner of a home that now is the right time to list their property to getting a buyer and seller to agree on the terms of a deal, you will need to persuade others daily. 

Attentive Listening Successful real estate agents need to listen not only to what others are saying but also to what others are not saying. An attentive listener picks up on small details that others miss. You can utilize those details to spin conversations in more beneficial directions. An attentive listener can also point out essential facts that someone else is overlooking. If you are not fully listening, you will miss opportunities to give clients information that they need to make informed decisions. For instance, a client may seem to ramble on about nothing, but after a moment of attentive listening you may realize that they are actually confused about something that you said earlier. 

Your listening skills give you the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding so that the rambling client is enlightened and ready to take action. If you want to read more about what it takes to become a successful real estate agent, visit Key Realty School's website. You will discover how to learn the technical knowledge needed to work in realty. Combine that knowledge with these three soft skills and you will have a promising career in the industry.

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A Tribute to Mothers

I have never been really a great daughter. It was really hard for me to show appreciation for the things my parents has made for me, especially my mother. As a kid, a young adult, I saw what they did as a responsibility, an obligation that came with being married and being parents. 

Things changed when I started to grow up and see the world for what it is. Being a mother is not an obligation, it is a choice that one chooses to pursue to be able to experience the happiness that comes with having children and having little angels adore you for simply being their mom. I have started to see a clearer picture of what a mother is and will always be. I have seen the important role that they will continue to play in their lives; maybe even beyond their life spans – simply because the influence and the way they will touch their children’s life will remain forever. 

Mothers were createdby heaven to bring little gifts called angels in this world. It was not an easy task because they had to endure nine long months of mixed emotions, back aches, nausea and other unexplainable feelings; this and more just to bring a bundle of joy into this world. As her tummy grows and gives space to this addition in her life, she also starts to mature as a person. She starts to realize all the things her mother had to give up for her. She is now being given the chance to experience; first hand, what her mother had to go through to bring her to this world.

As the months passed, she becomes more and more grateful for all the things her mother had to endure for her, the things she is enduring now for her unborn child. After nine months, a new angel is welcomed into this world. The girl that she was back then has long been gone. She is now a woman, a mother by her own right; for she has managed to feel what it is really like to be one. Again, holding her child with her hand makes her appreciate her own mom even more. More or less, she has now an idea of how happy her mother would have been the first time she saw her face. When a girl becomes a lady, a lady a woman and a woman, a mother, her life is changed forever. There is no turning back. She becomes the best person her children deserve to have. This coming mother’s day, show gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful person. Give her a hug, a beautiful bouquet of flowers  like these beautiful Mothers Day tulips, a kiss and a simple letter telling her how much you love and care for her. Let the best woman in your life feel how important she really is.


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Find Your Inner Voice

Find your Inner Voice 
Art has an amazing ability to heal, give people hope or simply give a voice to the voiceless. Whether an idea is expressed in a song, a painting or a dance, simply having the ability to express yourself can help you heal or at least begin to deal with the issues that you are facing in your own life. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Shakespeare 

You don't have to be a great artist or playwright to have a profound impact on the world around you. Simply putting a few brushstrokes on a piece of paper or molding a piece of clay can be all that you need to start finding your voice or telling your story. Over time, you may begin to develop your craft to the point where you do have something that would give Shakespeare a run for his money or have your name compared to other great artists in your generation. 

Express Yourself in Your Own Way

The best thing about art is that you can express yourself in your own way. Some of the best received art has been nothing more than splotches of red paint on a piece of paper or random colors that were thrown on a wall and then smeared around by the artist. Whether others get it or don't get it, you have created a work that says something about the world as you perceive it. That is something that no one can take away from you or criticize because no one can tell your story or make your point like you can. 

Art Can Be Cathartic 

Throwing paint at the wall, coming up with a great line in a play or singing your lungs out can help you get out your frustrations at once. It gives you a chance to tell off your boss or yell at your parents without having to do it to their face. Once you have blown off steam, you will feel better about yourself and leave some of your stress behind. Those who are looking for a place to hone their craft or are looking for experts to come teach them or others in their community can go online to find artists who are willing to do a talk or hold a class. You can find the contact section of a particular website to get in touch with an artist. Once you click here, you can start a dialogue that could lead to personal training or advice that can help you grow as an artist.

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Lent Season in the Eyes of a Mother

The lent season is one of the longest holidays celebrated in the Philippines. It is also one of the most meaningful and intimate season to Filipinos, most especially Catholics since it's the time to re-think, repent and rejoice for the gift of life of Jesus for us to regain our salvation. 

Nowadays most young individuals see this season as a time away from work. It is one of the few occasions where they get the chance to go home and be with their families, go to the beach, visit friends and simply enjoy the days away from the troubles and stress that comes with city living. 

As a mother, I see the lent season differently. Yes I do enjoy time away from work and the quality time I have for the kids especially now that they are on vacation. But most importantly, as a mother and as a Catholic, I see the lent season as a time for repentance, a time to go and reflect on the things that we did wrong in the past, a time to surrender this bad things to the Lord, and a time to heal and be one with him again. 

In life, people do make mistakes. Something inevitable and something we could hardly avoid. I guess that flaws come with being human beings. We are not perfect. We bend and we sometimes break. Lent season is the time when we realize all those mistakes and ask God for forgiveness. Something He would never deprive as of. 

The lent season is a constant reminder of how good and how forgiving our Saviour Jesus Christ is. He gave up his life to bring us to salvation. It is as simple fact we all are aware of. That is what I want to teach and instil my children with. Lent is not just an anticipated holiday season that happens to fall on summer. It is a time to remember the things God sacrificed for us. It is a time to reflect and a time to start all over again and become better people.


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